Focus on building cereals, dates, three major industrial farming

Jin Ming JIAXIAN are high around the building in recent years, the major town of the county grains production, livestock farming town, town three objectives of trade flows, focus on building grains, dates, three leading industries of farming, a strong impetus to the town of rapid economic and social development. Moisture in the town to seize the good opportunity this spring to plant 3,000 acres of the target dates, give the whole town, go all out for 20 days, jujube planting progress fast and high quality. Town planning area of 5,000 acres, 3820 acres of land preparation, planting dates 3820 acres, 156,600, 127.3 percent complete on the task.

Zaoyuan transform 600 acres of low-yield, building an organic base of 4,000 acres of dates to support mu big business more than five dates. May, the town government to the village with spray, hair pesticides, prevention and treatment organizations, cadres and the masses to actively jujube pests and received good results. Currently, the town area of million acres of preserved red dates, red dates industry has gradually become an important part of the mass increase. In the dam, the level terrace to the focus areas to promote Shuang'gou film technology. Government subsidies for fertilizer priority to provide Zizhong, appropriate farm machinery subsidies given to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Total sown area of 3.82 million mu of town this year to promote the film planting of 1.2 hectares, which in Jiashan Wei, Yuan Group hilly village demonstration field to promote quality and high yield of 200 acres. Promoting quality potatoes 1 mu, of which nest in the hilly village kiln yield of potato virus-free demonstrations to promote quality field of 100 acres; release high-quality virus-free seed potato 7500 kg and 1250 kg of maize seed, pesticides, more than 1,000 bottles; released 540 tons of fertilizer subsidies; 28 million subsidy funds for farm machinery, farm machinery purchased 400 sets of agricultural building 20 demonstration households, a new agricultural cooperatives. Aquaculture industry in improving the quality and economies of scale to make a fuss, and guide farmers to promote breeding, the establishment of breeding cycles, encouraging support for setting up medium-sized farms. Self pig, two sheep training materials, organizing training farmers 10 times. Currently, the town has one thousand farms 1, one hundred or more farms 9, thousands of sheep and beef cattle feedlots field each one, one thousand farm 1, farm 1 500; Yang Zi raising the amount of 12,000, improved demonstration 1. A pig, cattle cooperatives 2, in which the first pig cooperatives JIAXIAN website - Jin Ming Jin Fuyuan Temple website Pig cooperatives have been formally launched. Jin Ming Temple is the largest in northwest JIAXIAN beans, potato, production and sales base in Valley. The formation of the acquisition market, sales of agricultural products to solve difficult problems of the masses. Bai Yun Planting Base Construction of small grains processing remarkable achievements, the initial formation of "One Village One Product" orders planting, United Families interaction. Union households in 2009 to 410 orders for plantation development, will be developed this year to 680.