Jingbian agriculture-related science and technology demonstration projects to implement the six

This year, the financial arrangements Jingbian 31 agriculture-related science and technology demonstration projects, the county financial support for science and technology funds 33.62 million yuan. Through science and technology demonstration projects, and promote, promote rural development, agricultural efficiency and rural incomes. Potato industry, science and technology demonstration projects. This year, six towns in the South and the North Central 4 townships, promoting purple white, no flowers potato seed tubers 150,000 kg, the total built area of 1,000 acres of seed potato propagation technology demonstration bases and bases.

The same time that "a sub-fields" of 100 acres of the original species breeding projects, involving farmers 1000, spot film combined to drive the county area of 50.6 million mu of cultivated potato. Food industry, high yield technology demonstration projects. Wanfeng own intellectual property rights to promote pepper varieties, the development of local characteristics of vegetables, hot pepper field to promote the implementation of Wanfeng 1000 acres. Lead the county built in 1106 acres of plastic greenhouses, 4.6 million mu of standardized field vegetables, vegetables are sold at home and abroad. Livestock industry, science and technology demonstration projects. Northern White Cashmere goats into sheep breeding demonstration base seed, carry out expert compound Northern white cashmere goat breeding farm building and the margin of pig breeding and intensive farming promotion. Up to now, the county led the sheep breeding stock 1,182,000 children, slaughter volume of 434,000; the amount of 203 000 live pigs, slaughter volume of 186,000. Forest industry technology demonstration projects. Demonstration base built area of 500 acres of Scotch Pine, more than 300 million trees; into southern mountain ecological and economic base of 500 acres of fruit science and technology demonstration; carry precious traditional Chinese medicine to promote Hung Liu Taiyun inoculation base area of 500 acres; promote high-quality walnut planted 6,000 acres of county ; grafted apricot low yield improved 1.3 mu Forest District. Demonstration project of small grains varieties. 6 demonstration in the southern town to promote Yuqiao 3, 4 Yuqiao base of 5,000 acres of buckwheat varieties. Dryland farming area of the county led 26.8 million mu. Private enterprise technology demonstration projects. Implementation of the "filling the windows" and demonstration of technology innovation and new renewable energy development and utilization demonstration; support Jinquan landscaped Limited "infrared energy straw gasifier" production put into operation, making use of waste straw gasification effectively; built a model village biogas 3 a, 365 demonstration households, promotion of biogas users 2502.