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Autumn Hill County real grasp of konjac the three measures

Autumn Hill County real grasp of konjac the three measures

Konjac is Sanyo's special agricultural products. With the changes in the structure of food consumption and utilization of health function food konjac, konjac production developed rapidly, especially the recent strong market demand, konjac, konjac production to create a good opportunity. Thus, Hill County fancy opportunity Zhuazao moving fast, autumn 2010 to raise 3,200 tons of seeds, the implementation of an area of 8,000 acres. Main measures are three strategies:

First, the government arrangements.

The county government to the development of konjac product included in the "Hill County program autumn 2010", specify the key towns, a clear mission objectives, the implementation of tough measures to be of konjac product included in the plan focus on the implementation of autumn.

Second, the sector power grab. In order to develop konjac product upgrade suitable area for leading industries, and develop into a village, one product, the county Farm Bureau based on "konjac development plan", a "company + peasant household" industry business model, the color Creek, slate, family home Highland, Manchuanguan, Xi Zhao Chuan, Shifosi, judges, Kwanza floor demonstration bases 8 8000 acres township. Bureau of Agriculture to appoint a deputy director in charge of konjac production, and refining the objectives and tasks to the township agricultural station break, requiring an ample supply of seeds, the implementation of home, the responsibility to the people.

Third, corporate support. Currently, the konjac market prices soared, 2.6 yuan per kilogram of fresh products more than the output value of standardized production base of nearly million. However, many processing enterprises is to be of konjac material production, the load is low. Shaanxi Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Tianyuan Long Hill County is supporting the production of konjac enterprises, professional production of konjac flour. In order to support farmers production base for enterprises to cultivate a reliable raw material base, the introduction of the three preferential policies in support of konjac production:

1, the minimum protection Konjak product acquisition price 0.8 yuan / kg, 0.8 yuan higher than the market price of the market / kg with the high price when the acquisition of less than 0.8 yuan / kg at 0.8 yuan / kg acquisitions.

2, 5 acres farmers planted more than a year (including 5 acres), konjac product be sold Tianyuan Long's, award of 2,000 yuan per mu, the acquisition of konjac still follow the market price of the product.

3, the farmers planted 5 acres 5 consecutive years, from the first 6 years, the annual 5,000 yuan per mu award.