Qianyang digital cinema hit villages

Qianyang this year to "show movies in rural areas" as the activities carried out A Good people do practical projects that benefit a popular task, actively implement the Rural Digital film "2131 Project" (21月1 1 Village 1 movies), set up a digital movie service stations, equipped with 7 sets of professional digital cinema equipment. Accordance with the "government foot the bill, market, farmers free to see the movie" ideas, each playing a benefit movie, in the province to subsidize 100 million, 50 cities and counties of the subsidy standard 70 yuan subsidy to the projectionist, greatly relieved to see farmers Movie difficult situation.

At the same time, each player Qianyang County has also taken a public movie, where the village head by a film in the rural public to sign a single receipt to ensure an effective rural public movie playback. Up to now, has 98 administrative villages in the county and two communities were screened more than 1,000 digital cinema market, which feature 48, 38 popular science, science and technology to farmers to get rich and build a healthy and civilized way of life played an important role.