Rural Road Maintenance Management Shenmu Innovation

Shenmu the daily maintenance of rural roads as a priority to strengthen the conservation target responsibility as a means to pay close attention to maintenance quality, road capacity, traffic has improved remarkably, good road rate, accessibility rate, patency rate has been enhanced. Institutional innovation of rural road maintenance and road custody evaluation methods. Construction of the county, township and village road maintenance management system, establishment of agricultural management sub-station town, village establishment of rural road maintenance workers. Further defined the functions of the task for strengthening the rural road construction and maintenance management, maintenance, road property right of way, providing a strong guarantee.

At the same time, the implementation of the custody and disbursement of funds highway linking. Of custody is not in place, work is not implemented, the corresponding reduction of its maintenance funds, while strengthening financial management, the implementation of earmarking. Innovation in rural road maintenance management. Promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of Rural Road Maintenance", on the subject of rural road maintenance management, financial, technical standards, assessment requirements were clearly defined, will be incorporated into the county road maintenance in rural areas legal, standardized and scientific tracks, truly "Building support and try to coordinate development." Innovative way of highway laws and regulations and Highways publicity inspection system. Carry out publicity and education activities, initiative to send the "law" come by hanging banners, putting up posters, distributing promotional materials, set the load limit bulletin board, the whole society the way of protective love of a thick atmosphere. At the same time, adhere to the source of governance and the combination of fixed-point inspection form, increasing road administration, road property investigation and punishment of cases, the overload crack down on illegal behavior.