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Dongguan stream mature papaya Agricultural Park 15000

Dongguan stream mature papaya Agricultural Park 15000

Recently, the stream ecological agriculture industrial park 15000 mature papaya fruit after another, officially entered the picking period. National Day holiday, many people enjoy the rural scenery of agricultural park and experience the pleasure of picking fruit.

October 6, I saw in the stream ecological agriculture garden, here is a pack of fruit fragrance, fruitful scene, one of the most eye-catching organic fruit is papaya-growing areas, we saw neat rows of papaya the fruit of the tree covered with large and small, the largest of which looks like a small watermelon, papaya as big as the entire planting area a total of 15,000, and the scene spectacular.

It is reported that papaya is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, anti-beauty, enhance physical fitness, etc. It is a nutrient-rich, has everything to gain rather than harmful to the fruit of the treasures, so there " Wanshou fruit, "said. Stream ecological agriculture industrial park at this time ripe papaya, not only to fill the town and the surrounding Towns in the Qing period, picking fruit, a gap, but also for primary and secondary students to provide a base for science education.