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Mosquitoes eat garlic without fear "under siege"

Mosquitoes eat garlic without fear "under siege"

Late summer, mosquitoes staged last crazy. The mosquito of dengue fever as the main media is not over, and during the National Day of chikungunya outbreak in Dongguan, according to the Information Office of the Ministry of Health announced that, as at 16:00 on October 6, Dongguan City, 220 cases of cumulative detection of cases (confirmed cases 42 cases, 178 cases of suspected cases), all cases were mild cases, non-critically ill and died.

Since mosquitoes are to blame, Dongguan people want to prevent dengue and chikungunya, it is imperative that mosquito.

Dongguan, in the years keep mosquitoes, mosquito control work of Professor Du said, fat people, men, women menstrual period, pregnant women and people sweat more, are the most susceptible to mosquito bites, be sure to be more clean, less soap, Eat more vegetables and more to wear light-colored clothes, so that appropriate assistance can be anti-mosquito, away from the outbreak of trouble.

Recruit more women leave the mosquito cases

What type of mosquito bites favorite people? Dongguan, in the years keep mosquitoes, mosquito control work, said Professor Du, mosquito bite is not no rules to follow, they bite in the choice of the two objects will be affected by factors. The first factor is the waste. Mosquitoes like to bite the rough pores, sweat and more people, it is generally men than women, youth than the elderly, health is more strokes than patients mosquitoes, because more than skin secretions. In addition, the time of the month, and pregnant women, the discharge has changed and more strokes mosquitoes.

第 two factors is the heat. Fat people are more susceptible to mosquito bites, heat-absorbing dark clothes, but also easy to move mosquitoes.

Do mosquito coils with low Mo

The primary means of many people is the use of mosquito coils. Experts advise, to control use of mosquito coils, can not do as far as possible; lit mosquito coils to leave immediately after an hour or two, to be fully ventilated before opening doors and windows into the other; the infant brain have yet to develop improved, infants and young children families with non-use of mosquito coils such as pesticides, can be installed screen door, window screens mosquito; buy mosquito coils, the preferred pyrethrum (made) mosquito coils, followed by tetramethrin or bromine cyanide ester pyrethroid mosquito coils and low toxicity level, do not purchase and use of organic chlorine, organophosphate insecticides produced mosquito coils; not to buy insecticidal active ingredient does not indicate the mosquito coils and mosquito film.

Professor Tu reminded a lot of mosquito control agents currently on the market highly toxic. Because the main component of household mosquito control agents have completed a strong effect of his good life, low toxicity, but not yet domestic production, the high cost of imported raw materials manufacturers use. Many manufacturers to reduce costs in order to ensure effective use of low-cost phosphorus insecticides as a substitute, this component of the human nervous system will have a greater harm. Therefore, the public purchase of mosquito control agent, do not be cheap buy cheap mosquito control agent.

Golden Ideas

Reduce indoor humidity, mosquitoes into the house is not easy

Like mosquitoes away from dengue and chikungunya in trouble, what better way? Professor Tu as we introduced the idea of several mosquito gold.

Interior lights off the evening

Phototaxis for mosquitoes, hi, hot, wet humid environment and nocturnal habits, home of the public can turn off interior lights in the evening, open windows and doors, to be mosquitoes flew outside, then closed the screen door screens to prevent mosquitoes flying income. Also, think of ways to reduce indoor air humidity, especially in the rainy season, try to control the indoor relative humidity around 50%.

Can be repellent scented

Mosquito repellent incense many plants have the role of the skin like orange, mint, fennel, cloves, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, the case tree, geranium, basil, thyme, are mosquitoes do not like the smell. Clever use of mosquito these "predators" such as the orange peel and dried orange skin in the corner wrapped in stockings, distribute the smell out of both the mosquito and fresh air; buy a vaporizer, a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oils, will clean up the house immediately, "buzzing" sound would suddenly disappear. However, the general flavor of the time keeping only 1-3 hours, to time.

Eliminate environmental health corner

Mosquito control environment from the start. Open dumps where waste materials are likely to breed mosquitoes, the need to prevent accumulation of water, to clear the ditch, eradicate weeds, Swinger depressions. Regular cleaning of waste site, pumping out the basement of water. Also time to clear the ditch, and regularly drop by tidal erosion or the use of the North Drainage Drainage. Residents will have to manage their own pots and pans, do not promptly remove indoor altar, pots, jars, pots of flowers and water, refrigerators, water heaters water access, the home can significantly reduce mosquito populations.

Garlic can be eaten raw mosquito

To eat more vegetables. Some vegetables contain mosquitoes do not like the smell, such as those containing carotene of carrots, leeks, spinach and other vegetables and a spicy garlic and other vegetables. Raw garlic, oral vitamin B, Psychological metabolized by the body excreted from the sweat will not approach a type of mosquito breeding place of the smell.

Mosquito's eyes rather strange, it is the body's heat to high and low points of color, so when the mosquito that people with higher body heat will bite. That is to eat more vegetables and less meat is the best way.