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Requested relief Yangchun production and forest rehabilitation work to change things correct

Requested relief Yangchun production and forest rehabilitation work to change things correct

October 8th, Guangdong Province held a provincial reform of collective forest rights and forest fire prevention television and telephone conference, Deputy Mayor Hsieh Chun Hing standard, Yangchun leading group members of the forest change, forest fire command center leadership team, the main towns leadership, leaders in charge, forestry station, the officer Yangchun Forestry in the spring were more than 100 people at the venue to listen to watch the meeting.
At the meeting, the Secretary informed the front Lin Zhang Yuwen change and forest fire prevention work, analyzed the current situation facing the deployment of next steps; Lee Yung-kan, Vice Governor pointed out that this video conference in Guangdong Province, into the collective forest right system reform Difficulties, a crucial stage of the Asian Games welcome into the forest fire prevention, security and stability of the critical period of an important meeting was held, he emphasized two points: First, go all out to tackle tough, timely completion of forest to change the basic clarity of property rights the main task of the reform; second focus, grasp the key, and effectively strengthen the forest fire prevention and control.
Province, after the meeting, Yangjiang City, and has held a meeting in Yangchun deployment-related work. Vice Mayor at the spring Xing Xie standard requirements: (a) effectively enhance the reform of collective forest right system. First, party towns, "top leaders" have a high degree of political sensitivity, adhere to the personal charge of forest change, better forest to change the negative total responsibility, a decisive battle for 80 days to ensure that basically completed before the end of the main objectives of reform. The second is to speed up the progress of reform comprehensively promote the forest boundary demarcation work outside the industry, especially the "9.21" five-hit town, to find ways both to rescue the resumption of production, but also improve forest change, so correct. Third, change the towns to attach great importance to forest quality, and strict implementation of policies and regulations, carefully work the work of each of forest tenure reform, cut can not engage in "superfluous" project. At the same time, to do good forest dispute mediation work, resolve conflicts and maintain social stability, improve the rate of forest certification warrants. Fourth, strengthen file management, good leak filled work. (B) a good grasp of the forest fire prevention. One, make the forest fire prevention. The second is to ensure effective emergency response plan to start. Third, strictly wild Huoyuanguanli. Fourth, to strengthen forest fire ranks. Fifth, the implementation of scientific and safe fighting, we should adhere to the "hit early, playing small, playing the" principle, the concentration of superior fighting a battle of annihilation. Second, we must attach great importance to and protect the personal safety of fire suppression. Six is the strict implementation of duty system, strictly enforce the 24-hour duty and leadership with a class system, to ensure fire flow of information.