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Short-term re-precipitation on agricultural production has little effect Yangjiang

Short-term re-precipitation on agricultural production has little effect Yangjiang

Recent days, Yangjiang City, more up short showers, spring return to production rehabilitate the affected areas will be affected? In this regard, Yangjiang City Forestry Bureau Chief of crop management, senior agronomist Paul Bell said the move, short little rainfall or precipitation rain hit little effect on the resumption of production agriculture.
About 2 pm yesterday, the top three village area is the town of Dah Sing was raining hard, the reporter in the village planted with corn, sweet potatoes see the land, water ridge ridge of land has been formed between the small ditch, low-lying areas Vegetable soaking is to be shallow. Xindong village in the big, the reporter also saw a similar situation.
Short-term switching to heavy rain will affect the just, replant crops soon? Yangjiang City reporter consulted a senior agronomist of Agriculture and Forestry to move clock security.

He told reporters, replanting, replant corn, sweet potato and grows along the river sand, soil dry, short rains or rain is not very beneficial for the precipitation to its roots, the individual low-lying areas may be affected crop growth larger. "If the rain soaked vegetable transplants, the villagers may be appropriate in the earth after the rain, the rain washed away the canola will have to re-seeding." Zhong said Paul moved.