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Lianjiang 120 poor villagers to employment at home

Lianjiang 120 poor villagers to employment at home

October 10, the author Lianjiang Peng Zhen Tong village with the left to see, from Zhanjiang City of Industry, investment in poor lighting plant renovation project has entered, is expected to officially put into operation within 10 days. By then, more than 120 poor villagers to achieve employment at home, lighting can bring 1,000 people involved in processing, and increase revenues.

Leave the village committee with a total of 20 villages, 812 households, of which 160 poor households, the poor 609 people out of poverty very difficult task.

Zhanjiang City of Industry, Poverty Working Group to remain stationed in the same village, old and sick for the village population, labor force out the difficult employment situation, decided to help the village to establish labor-intensive lighting factory, transfer to the poor villagers, factory employment, the village committee can increase the collective income by commission, to the village committee and villagers, both at the same time increase the "blood" functional goals.

According to reports, the authority responsible for the introduction of lighting plants, plant construction funding from the council. Currently the council has invested 70 million building lighting plant, the plant covers an area of 1,100 square meters, office area of 120 square meters, is expected to be put into operation in the middle of this month, providing more than 120 jobs, mainly for poor arrangements household employment.

According to statistics, Zhanjiang City of Industry, total relief fund has invested 1.42 million yuan, in addition to investment in lighting plant, also set up a 45 million "helping mutual fund", the transfer of more than 80 workers at work.