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Hainan practicing veterinary exam preparation for qualifying examinations "Ten in place"

Hainan practicing veterinary exam preparation for qualifying examinations "Ten in place"

October 10-14, Jie Hu Director, Ministry of Agriculture and his inspection team led by three practicing veterinary surgeons of the province Examination Examination of work to be checked. Inspection Unit listen to reports, access to relevant materials, on-site examination papers Baomi room考场Buzhi construction condition and the circumstances of our province to practice veterinary qualifications test exam preparation given a high assessment that Woxing practice test exam preparation for veterinary qualifications "Ten in place."

One organization in place. Hainan Province was established veterinary practice and the qualifying examination test area leading group office, clearly the specialized agencies and personnel responsibilities.

Second, programs, systems and regulations in place. Formulated the "veterinary practice in 2010 in Hainan Province qualifying examination program of work", and has developed a qualification examination covering veterinary practice management, discipline handling, security, emergency response, test management, and regulatory examinations.

Third, training in place. Examinations were held four training services, focusing on training, online registration confirmation, confidentiality considerations. And Proctors, Xunkao personnel and security staff training.

Fourth, test emergency response mechanism in place. Set up by the Agriculture Department, Public Security, radio Authority, the Health Department, Secret Service and other multi-sectoral emergency response team composed of the examination, development of contingency plans to convene emergency meetings, a clear mandate of each unit of work and responsibilities.

Fifth, the Proctors and other staff positions responsibilities are fulfilled. Proctors rigorous selection, training of the Proctors, clearly the job responsibilities.

Sixth, examination room facilities in place. Determine the venue address, in accordance with the requirements of the Department of the examination room set.

Seven is a secret room standard papers in place. Papers in accordance with standards of confidentiality requirements of the building security rooms, equipped with camera video equipment, and acceptance by provincial State Security Bureau, to ensure the security and confidentiality.

Eight is confidential staff in place. Department of Agriculture sent a discipline and a drive member officials, security staff selected test area office, the Provincial State Security Bureau on the papers together to send monitors to receive, transport, recycling, destruction and monitoring the entire process confidential mail.

Nine examinations funding is in place. Provincial Department of Agriculture veterinary practice in our province attaches great importance to the work of qualifying examinations, a total of 13 million special funding arrangements for the province to practice veterinary exam.

Ten is the publicity work place. The province in time to practice Veterinary Examination Notice No. 1 of the leading group, the contents of the program and working dynamics of agricultural information published online in Hainan, while the issuance of 1000 brochure distributed to all cities and counties.