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Hi Shexian mountains are "TON-GRAIN FIELD"

Hi Shexian mountains are "TON-GRAIN FIELD"

"Thanks to the use of improved varieties with the county recipe for corn this year, our household exceeded 650 kg per mu, with the summer harvest 400 kg per mu of wheat, 4 acres of land our family have become 'TON-GRAIN FIELD' ... ..." autumn season, the banks of the Shexian located under the Qing Wen Zhang Village, Sun Haiping, while farmers planting wheat, while holding the county issued the "TON-GRAIN FIELD" paper to understand the control of wheat sowing, for fear of the coming year yield to no avail.

Sun Haiping, 4.2 acres of irrigated land at home. This summer, he all kinds of promotion on the agricultural sector Xundan 20, 958 Zheng high yield varieties of maize and soil testing according to agricultural workers with out prescription fertilization, management, and a large fall harvest corn on the cob, full particles, 4.2 acres total more than 2,500 kg.

"The same piece of land, farming can be blind than in the past year, yield 500 kg, 3,000 yuan in income alone." Sun Haiping pleased ear to ear.

Shexian located in the mountains, the mountain will be less, nine years of drought, water is known as half of eight mountain Handa said. "TON-GRAIN FIELD" broad masses of peasants in the past is unthinkable thing. How to crack the mountain dry agricultural production and income is difficult? Shexian breakthrough, Zhang Qing to play the advantages of passing through the 7 towns along the Qing Zhang, building more than 10 villages --- wheat, corn, wheat, rice --- "TON-GRAIN FIELD."

Currently, the county implemented 县乡村三级 linkage, while Model, while promoting construction of "TON-GRAIN FIELD." They chose a good agricultural base acres under the temperature of the core of the village construction demonstration area, and as a center of radiation to the surrounding building, "TON-GRAIN FIELD" mu demonstration parties. Implementation, they are unified in the past, varieties, fertilizer application on the basis of unity, the implementation of a unified land preparation, planting a unified, uniform training, uniform and disease prevention, unified machine income. County Financial contribute 20 million yuan, the rectification field road, on the demonstration area farmers seed subsidy 1.6 yuan per kilogram. They also sent experts to guide residency, training farmers in phases related to field management technology, the technical advice was published as "see paper" distributed to every household.

"Without Linhe the dry areas, we are building high-quality millet 'TON-GRAIN FIELD' acres of the core demonstration areas, according to local conditions to promote ... ..." Shexian County Standing Committee, said Yang Lianhai Agricultural Work Committee, has been completed Shexian "t grain, "30,000 acres, 10 acres 3 years after completion," TON-GRAIN FIELD ", 10,000 acres of" tons of semi-field ", there will be nearly 20 million farmers benefited.