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Five services to rich farmers paddock class

Five services to rich farmers paddock class

October 12, Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County Hali Ha Heung Organization training courses in a greenhouse vegetable growing, the village has attracted eight hundred ten thousand people came to listen. With rural reality, the county opened a "five classroom" to teach science to the public free of knowledge and practical skills to promote the farmers to get rich.

Creation of "fixed class" to strengthen the theoretical knowledge. To invite experts and professors of counseling, lectures and other means of leading cadres in a planned and organized party members and the masses of rural education and training policy and theory.

Creation of "mobile classroom" to increase the level of technology.

Employed farming, forestry, technology, legal and employment experts and professional technical personnel team, in-depth guidance of grassroots rural and fields. Meanwhile, the township set up by the potatoes and greenhouse vegetable growing, livestock breeding, farm tours and other aspects of rich technology promotion team composed of experts, training of technical guidance for farmers.

Creation of the "base class", and fostering practical abilities. Careful selection of the covered vegetable cultivation, livestock breeding, chicken processing and farm tours and other sectors of the rural party members and business practices of 10 bases as a demonstration zone, and actively build a rich platform for the farmers. Currently, the practice of holding on-site technical training bases 34 times, the farmers learn to know in practice some practical techniques.

Creation of "skills class", expand employment opportunities. Actively organize the transfer of surplus rural labor force training and guiding pre-vocational skills training, covering computers, Dianqi Han, vehicle maintenance, service etiquette, and other aspects of planting and breeding technology, and actively open up export channels for employment, increase their income.

Creation of "Distance Education in the Classroom", an increase of entrepreneurial skills. Full amount of information distance education, covering a wide, convenient and vivid visual and other advantages, by focusing on play, needs on-demand, online searching, information dissemination, etc., organization members and the masses to watch popular science, applied technology and other promotional pieces and policy, guide the masses to get rich through entrepreneurship based on leading industry advantage. Currently, the site received intensive training at all levels of rural party cadres and the masses more than 40,000 people, with 800 party members and cadres and the masses master 1-2 practical technology.