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Jiangxi Province, the first three quarters of total revenue of over 900 billion fiscal

Jiangxi Province, the first three quarters of total revenue of over 900 billion fiscal

The first three quarters of this year, steady economic growth in the province, based on the high rate of Jiangxi revenue growth, strong protection of key expenditures, budget implementation is generally good. Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance reporter learned from the 1-September, the province's total fiscal revenue realized 90.04 billion yuan, up 36.8%, of which local revenue realized 57.64 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9%.
It is understood that, thanks to continued macroeconomic stability in our province for the better, to achieve high revenue growth rate, ranking the development of forward momentum, the total fiscal income for 9 months to maintain 30% growth, including four consecutive 6-9 month months, an increase of over 35%; first three quarters of the province's total fiscal revenue exceeded 900 billion, close to the scale of annual revenue last year, 24.24 billion yuan increase over the same period, an increase of an acceleration of 28 percent, exceeding the national level of 14.4 percentage points ; local revenue growth ranked No. 3, 4 forward over the same period, the best level in recent years.
It is the main person in charge of Finance Department of Jiangxi Province, this year, way of speeding up economic development all over the changes and economic restructuring, optimization of industrial upgrading and enhance the quality of the economy, tax outstanding contributions. On the one hand, the industrial industry to expand, improve enterprise efficiency, rapid revenue growth of key industries. For example, car tax increase of 68.4%, coal 72% value-added growth, the textile industry increased 33.5% VAT. On the other hand, more active consumer market, three-rapid growth of production revenue. Such as, transportation and warehousing Post 75% growth in local taxes, local real estate tax increase of 57.1%, wholesale and retail trade increased by 39.1% local taxes. Meanwhile, efforts to further increase as the project to promote investment in fixed assets was strong, driven construction industry business tax increase of 47.4% over fiscal revenue growth was 10.6 percentage points.
According to reports, this year, the county fiscal sustainability speed. County completed the province's total fiscal revenue 63.94 billion yuan, accounting for 71% of the province's fiscal revenue, an increase of 2.5 percentage points, an increase of 41.9%, exceeding the provincial average 5.1 percentage points. In aggregate, 39 counties (cities, districts) total fiscal revenue of over 500 million yuan, an increase of 20, Nanchang County, Feng City, Guixi City in 12 counties (cities, districts) of over 10 billion. From the increase in perspective, 23 counties (cities, districts) rose by more than 50%. Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone in particular the strong development momentum, the local county-level fiscal revenue up 43.8%, exceeding the average level of development of the province's county of 1.9 percentage points, which 104.1% growth in Hukou County, Komsomolsk growth of 80.8%.
This year, the province also maintained rapid growth in expenditure, 1-3-quarter, the province's spending an additional 24.05 billion yuan, reaching 114.23 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7%, 6.1 percentage points higher than the national level, an increase in the nation s 5.