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Baisha County Bureau of Agriculture to do disaster relief efforts

Baisha County Bureau of Agriculture to do disaster relief efforts

Baisha County Farm Bureau attaches great importance to flood control and disaster relief work, quickly issued "on efforts to resume agricultural production, flooding the work of the emergency notice", on October 8-9, divided into three groups to visit 11 towns see the situation and organize and mobilize people go all out to carry out self-help production in an effort to minimize agricultural losses.

First, strengthen field management of crops. Tissue masses of the lodging of crops in time righting, Jiapei soil; and waterlogging on the plots of wetland drainage waterlogging time. 2.8 acres has been draining, clean the sand in addition to 1.2 million mu.

At the same time do a good job weeding, fertilizer and other field management, control of 2.5 million mu have been spraying and fertilization management of 4.2 million mu. Also take precautions against wild boar, anti-birds, anti rodent, anti-pest "four defense" work.

Second, rapidly launch self-help production. Organize the masses to rush in the harvest of late rice, winter vegetables planted during rush, so this can be a field is a field, can plant an acre is an acre, to make a point is a point, to ensure that no empty places. At the same time do a good job of winter vegetables and other crops seeds and chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other materials supply.

Third, timely repair of agricultural infrastructure. Digesters to do damage to human tissue filling body, collapsed barn (shed), and other recovery efforts, the rapid resumption of agricultural production.

Fourth, we transferred agriculture, animal husbandry, agricultural technology center in-depth technical backbone of the hardest hit 35 times, according to local disaster needs, targeted and practical technical training in rural areas.