Hainan Province, to strengthen action by the port health and quarantine supervision to ensure that no external epidemic during floods

The face of widespread heavy rain disaster of Hainan, Hainan Province, Animal Health Authority held an emergency meeting, requested the international port of provincial law enforcement officials bear in mind the responsibilities of the checkpoint, continue to focus on continued heavy rainfall during the current animal disease prevention, strengthen efforts to crack down on illegal to prevent some offenders from outside the province introduced by stormy weather illegal animals, animal products, really good job in first line of defense against foreign quarantine work to ensure that no external epidemic during the incoming flood.

Xiuying Port, Railway South, Meilan Airport in strict accordance with requirements of the checkpoint, a 24-hour duty, bearing in mind the responsibilities of duty mission, braving wind and rain, day and night stick to their posts, and out of ports on vessels, vehicles, supervision and inspection, verification of experience doing things , disinfection and other registration work.

The evening of October 17, Railway South Station supervision and law enforcement officers check the rainstorm in the supervision and inspection found a suspicious car into the island of goats, and its law enforcement officers refused to monitor the routine inspection, points out, to cause great supervision and law enforcement officers personal threat, officers immediately contact the border checkpoints to intercept the police station together and eventually seized the car is illegal goats. In addition, a number of Meilan Airport has seized more than 8,000 illegal to enter the island Ya Miao Yu, according to dispose of illegal animals into the island.