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Tunchang implement the provincial Department of Agriculture Conference restore agricultural production and deployment

Tunchang implement the provincial Department of Agriculture Conference restore agricultural production and deployment

October 14 afternoon, the provincial Department of Agriculture held the mobilization of agricultural disaster relief to resume production video conferencing, in order to timely implement the provincial Department of Agriculture conference, the morning of October 15, held in the county the county government to resume production of agricultural disaster relief work conference to convey the Provincial Department of Agriculture spirit of the meeting, the deployment of agricultural county disaster recovery production. Sun Cheng-yin, Deputy Mayor chaired the meeting.

Secretary of Agriculture Zhang Guangwei production work done on the specific disaster recovery plans.

First, counties, towns, special working group set up two down tissue drainage, rush in the harvest, fill the gaps with seedlings, replanting work, and second, do a good job with winter breeding point of construction, to ensure supply of seeds and seedlings of winter vegetables, and strive to make winter flood losses, Third, funding arrangements for the management of relief supplies and distribution, to ensure timely dissemination of disaster relief materials and funds to farmers in the hands and the third is to guide the management of post-disaster breeding industry, the four is to make good progress report on work to restore production. Sun as deputy governor of Bank made an important speech, emphasizing the requirements of one of the departments, towns should work as a recovery of agricultural production of the most important task in the current work to ensure that the central goal of achieving income, the second is to strengthen the measures implemented to ensure that rice production and the full implementation of winter work, take preventive measures and the third is to strengthen leadership, requirements (1) the organization of the countryside as soon as possible to resume production guidance, (2) to hold a special meeting of the towns to resume production of agricultural work, services should be in place, and timely supply of agricultural organization, (3) The Government should play a leading role, the mass production of self-help guide.

The meeting called under the Secretary of Agriculture to develop a "recovery of agricultural production Tunchang County work program", according to program requirements, the establishment of agricultural production disaster recovery Tunchang County Leading Group, the leading group consists of eight work teams to the town of concrete 8 guide the work to resume production, personnel from eight agricultural units deployed a total of 40 ports.

County officers attended the meeting as deputy head of Sun Bank, the county agriculture, agricultural, livestock, forestry, water, agricultural, fisheries, agriculture mechanized, agricultural and other departments responsible for law enforcement people, the mayor of the town 8.