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The first agricultural fairs held in Huanglong

The first agricultural fairs held in Huanglong

Huanglong county government decided October 20 to 22, held in the central square Huanglong Huanglong first agricultural fairs. Results show the development of a comprehensive agricultural Huanglong, publicity, promotion county agricultural brand, and expand the county with the cooperation and exchange of agricultural products to the outside world, promoting agricultural production and marketing of convergence and enhance the visibility of Huanglong and competitiveness of agricultural products, increase market share of agricultural products, agricultural expansion sales, increase their income.

Huanglong first agricultural trade fair theme is: "show features products, and promote cooperation and exchange, the promotion of industrial development." Purpose is: adhere to the study, promotion, display, introducing the principle-based, targeted learning advanced production brother unit technology, management experience, innovative thinking and modern philosophy; to text, pictures and objects as the main form, focusing on promotion, agricultural development, displayed the new results, new achievements and new famous and special products, and strive to develop the county's market characteristics; extensive collection of information, actively carry out activities in trade negotiations, to introduce and absorb the right Huanglong agricultural development of new technologies and new results, seek technical partners to explore long-term mechanism for the rapid development of the county agricultural and rural economic and social development support.

Huanglong first agricultural fairs by the township people's government, Bureau of Agriculture, Economic Development Bureau, the Bureau of Forestry, Food Bureau, the Animal Husbandry Bureau, the county dried fruit company, the county food company, Wan Seed Co., Ltd., Jincheng agricultural limited liability company, the sea Tao Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. and other 20 participating units, county-based Exhibits famous high quality local products within the production, including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, hand-made, six key food culture in rural areas, through the display, promotion , marketing and other forms of development Huanglong specialty products market.