Hu County in Shaanxi Province to build the first county corn machine income

2009-2010, Huxian two consecutive years by Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Shaanxi Province, the Ministry identified as provincial corn machine income demonstration counties. Two years, Hu County agricultural management, marketing departments, in strict accordance with the introduction of the Model --- --- --- test promotion program, from 2006 to 2009 to promote the introduction, made arduous efforts, a lot of work.

First, the establishment of the three acres of demonstration and a demonstration area five acres to expand the demonstration effect; second is to use agricultural subsidies, provincial, city and county overlay subsidies, increase the total amount of equipment; third is to strengthen the technical training to improve skills, to ensure quality of operations; Fourth, carry out follow-up survey, clearly the main push model; five is the implementation of demonstration, demonstration areas and agricultural cooperatives signed a job order, adequate operating subsidies and increase their local revenue initiatives; Sixth, and providing technical services to assist local families installation, commissioning and after-sales service convergence plant enterprises to provide remote machine income information, conduct cross-operation, increasing organic household income. Currently, the county has a capacity of 561 corn harvester units, machine income area of 32.5 hectares, 71% local income level, the county received corn basically a mechanized unit.