Cai agricultural school in Hainan Province, who was awarded the chapter pro-National Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School teaching expert title

In recent years, the school adhere to the agricultural roots, to teach based, featured schools, Yucai strong agricultural mission, closely around the rural utility personnel training and development needs of modern agriculture, adhere to the villages and households, services, farmers, and more form of multi-level education and training of farmers to carry out work in the dissemination of agricultural science and technology, labor, employment skills and generally improving the transfer of scientific and cultural quality of farmers and achieved good results, the emergence of some love for the cause of education and training of farmers, do solid work, open up Innovation, ability and political integrity of outstanding teachers.

These teachers assiduously, carefully serve farmers students, many in-depth education and training of farmers in rural grass-roots level work, they endure the bitter in-depth pro-rural, rural areas at the weekend holidays to the transfer of knowledge and technology, education and training of farmers plowing unknown cause, popular with farmers .

According to the central school "to carry out the National Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School teaching expert evaluation activities of the notice" (broadcast to teach farmers Zi [2010] No. 51), documentation requirements, recommended through the step by step, layer selection, pro-Cai Zhang, Yun Chung Meng, Meng Xu Qiang other three teachers awarded by the Central Agricultural Broadcasting School 'National Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School teaching experts' title.

Currently, our school in central and western counties of Hainan Province talent intellectual affirmative action - thousands of secondary school students an opportunity to develop plans to further strengthen the teachers, to enhance the capacity and quality of teachers, improving teaching standards and improve teaching quality. Ask the expert teaching, was awarded the honor of teachers as a new starting point, and prudent, make persistent efforts to give full play to the exemplary role of teaching experts, the farmers achieve better results in education; the other hand, call the school faculty seriously to learn from them, to follow their example, to work hard for, and actively excellence, to diligently solid, courage, spirit of selfless dedication and practical actions to carry out education and training of farmers.