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Heilongjiang Province, rice products, nearly one hundred percent pass rate for five consecutive years

Heilongjiang Province, rice products, nearly one hundred percent pass rate for five consecutive years

19th from the Province of Heilongjiang rice industry quality work conference that the province has increased the quality and technical supervision departments of the rice industry, the service system, strengthen the quality of the supervision system of rice industry, the province's rice products for five years State supervision of qualified rate above 97%.

It is reported that the province's quality supervision departments in the province's 9050 administrative villages to establish standardized promotion of rural stations, stations and measurement technology to promote a just service stations, 64 counties in the province (district) Council established a brand hall, the selection of rice 42 brand-name products, accounting for 11.7% of the province's brand.

125 divided the province of "double regulation" area, from 207 law enforcement officers and 207 staff shared Inspection Technology "dual supervision" responsibility to focus on the nearly 1998 meters of products production and processing enterprises, "household-style" management. Also set up food safety special enforcement team. Currently, 13 cities (prefectures) established the Council's enforcement of food safety inspection team, and with the administrative law enforcement and technical law enforcement vehicles, on the rice industry to upgrade the quality monitoring system has played an important role.

Timely to carry out spot checks to monitor rice products, rice products, the implementation of regular or irregular spot checks monitoring, timely feedback to the local government supervision and checking of results, and strengthen follow-up to failed processing of rice products; the implementation of substandard product recall system for supervision and random substandard products, order the companies take the initiative to recall. Rice industry, famous for manufacturing companies, leading enterprises and access to a protected area of geographical indications as well as the scale of potential system-meter business, quality supervision departments across the province will increase efforts to support services, will provide advanced quality standards and regulatory services. The standardization of museum quality supervision system to the system of full liberalization of rice enterprise, provided free of charge to its standards, including the Russian standards, the EU standards; provide equipment inspection, testing services; help companies complete the ISO9000 certification, and environmental and occupational health certification, HACCP certification etc.; enhance enterprise quality management system for rice guidance.

At the same time, improve the system of rice in Heilongjiang Province, construction of enterprise credit system, increase the propaganda of rice in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, to expand the influence of rice.

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