Sun Jingshan Zhaodong deputy secretary-depth site inspection of some villages and towns in rural areas focus on other items of work fall soil preparation

October 16, Zhaodong Sun Jingshan the Agriculture Commission, deputy secretary, Agricultural Bureau, accompanied by comrades, in-depth five stations, dawn, jiangjia, still at home, Song Station, out for a long time, field visits to villages and towns Min 7 fall soil preparation and other items of new rural construction priorities.

Wherever he went, Sun Jingshan all at risk of -5 ℃ low temperature and farms to the work site to view the progress of fall soil preparation, and listen to the person in charge of township land preparation work on concrete measures to accelerate the introduction.

Fall soil preparation to fully carry out the work, Sun Jingshan stressed that the recent low temperatures accompanied by rain and snow appear, to the city site preparation work has brought great difficulties.

Therefore, to further strengthen the site preparation work on the fall of the organization and leadership. Agricultural departments should strengthen the deployment of large farm machinery of the city to maximize the role of large agricultural machinery. Quickly lift the township to the influx of farmers organizations and leaders to complete the fall site preparation work. The township, the departments and the municipal government to maintain a high degree of consistency and chances to overcome the fear of hardship, of the standard, the next task to complete the letter fall soil preparation tasks. Fu Shang village in the town house, town Xiaoguang Song Station Village, Sun Jingshan detailed view of agricultural cooperatives, construction sites. He asked, agricultural cooperatives to strengthen the operation of large agricultural machinery and tools, drivers, maintenance personnel training. Agricultural machinery and tools to strengthen the management, conservation. Operate in strict accordance with regulations to ensure quality and safety of the autumn harvest.

Xiaoguang Song station in the town of construction of new rural village scene, see the project is near completion, Sun Jingshan very happy. He hoped that the next step to do the work Xiaoguang the finishing touches on the village. Roads, squares and other work to pay close attention to promoting the green. To maintain a good sanitation and management, the establishment of long-term mechanism, constraints and manage the new environment and work in rural areas.