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Strictly control market access and strengthen quality supervision of the province to build a world-class m

Strictly control market access and strengthen quality supervision of the province to build a world-class m

Morning of 19 provincial government held a provincial system of rice industry Working Conference on Quality of rice industry to further improve the quality of products in our province and improve grain deep processing capacity, to consolidate the province's dominant system of rice industry, industry position, called out the slogan Longjiang quality rice brand to promote the province's rice industry.

Sun Yao, deputy provincial to the meeting and delivered speeches.

It is understood that the province a total of nearly two thousand key rice products production and processing enterprises, including 42 provincial brand of rice, accounting for 11.7% of the province's brand.

To promote the province's rice industry quality system improvement and healthy and orderly development, the province will change, adjusting the structure of rice production and processing resources to guide integration efforts. To this end, the province will improve the access threshold, strictly control market access through the promotion of integration, while strengthening the management of GI products, to be strictly protected areas of geographical indications, geographical indications of enterprise applications for use of rigorous review, resolutely put an end to mix, the abuse of geographical indications, to maintain the province's reputation and image quality rice. Integration of the province's green (organic) certification, pollution-free certification and HACCP certification resources, plan to build rice brand in the world.

Processing enterprises in the establishment of internal quality management system, the province will establish and improve corporate quality files, make a business a file, and the establishment of raw materials inspection system, set the raw material storage accounting, non-business use of food additives system meters, to ensure quality of raw materials and product quality can be traced back. Of production enterprises to resume production reporting system will be implemented to consult, cut rice enterprises to resume production before the government must report in writing, and in the relevant record. Strictly in accordance with standards of production, inspection, testing every batch must be done.

From the meeting was also informed that the province will focus on manufacturing industries and enterprises to take rice from the law enforcement and supervision of professional and technical staff shared responsibility for measures to strengthen the quality and safety control. To strengthen supervision and inspection efforts, the company discontinued the production of rice, a written notice (Notice) enterprises to resume production before the report, to be qualified to review the rear resume production; focus on verification of production enterprises purchase inspection, production process control, factory inspection, sales accounting, recording and recall unsafe food, supervision of food production and processing enterprises to implement the main responsibility for quality and safety. Audit focus may add other substances to the behavior of rice; to have a regional focus on the production characteristics of the security risks of rice production areas greater focus on key areas as audit. Strengthen supervision and inspection frequency, severely punished for the illegal production enterprises, constitute a crime shall be held criminally responsible.