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Haikou City guide livestock and poultry farms (households) active self-help production

Haikou City guide livestock and poultry farms (households) active self-help production

As a result of the impact of continued heavy rains, the city livestock losses. Resume as soon as possible after the disaster the city animal production, Haikou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture to actively implement the provincial and municipal disaster recovery production instructions, take a series of strong measures to quickly organize forces to go all out to guide the affected poultry farms (households ) active self-help production.

One organization Hainan University, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other disaster relief expert animal husbandry science and technology experts, in the October 15 districts affected depth farms (households) do boot with death tolls harmless animal, disinfect and strengthen the livestock off the source poultry rearing, etc., effectively pushing livestock production into the post-disaster recovery work carried out scientific and effective.

Second, the United Provinces Academy of Agricultural Sciences to develop "emergency flood prevention livestock industry technical measures", issued to the district towns, villages and farms, a total of 3,000 households, in order to carry out a comprehensive flood control and relief work to provide strong technical support.

Third, rely on themselves, quickly organized to guide the affected farms (households), with the fastest speed to do damage to Lanshe repair, the city has repaired damage to livestock and poultry pig bed area of about thousand square meters, further reinforce the city's animal husbandry industry production base, strongly promoting the city animal husbandry production and post-disaster recovery to ensure the development of production.