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Taken a number of measures to promote agriculture in our province housing construction

Taken a number of measures to promote agriculture in our province housing construction

"Urban Planning outside the rural housing construction projects of administrative and institutional costs of 'zero fee', operational and service charges charged by half. In city, town village side of the village and town resident in the village reconstruction project resettlement housing, will be free of urban infrastructure costs, construction fees, ex situ basement of administrative fees. "This is the provincial government has the answer to the Provincial People's Congress proposed content.

This year is our province to carry out rural housing construction and renovation of dilapidated buildings in the second year of work is fully completed the task of building three million farmers a crucial year for housing.

Provincial People's Congress devoted to the inspections, the fourteenth meeting of the Standing Committee heard and considered the inspection report and will consider comments and recommendations communicated to the provincial government. The provincial government attach great importance to the reply in a few days ago that in order to ensure the completion of "New this year, one million rural housing construction, and strive to reach 1.2 million to complete the renovation of dilapidated buildings 185,000," the arduous task of the work proposed under the Provincial People's Congress, with this year's actual work, focus their efforts on "strengthening the planning guide," "to focus the work," "improve the supporting facilities," "strengthen project supervision" and other work.

Provincial government, this year will strictly implement the financial policies. Provincial financial year will continue to make arrangements for prize money, at all levels of government should increase financial input and the rural housing construction and renovation of dilapidated buildings of funds into the budget arrangements. Government co-ordinate arrangements for the urban counties of rural roads, water supply, gas, power grids, radio and television, schools, clinics, community, party building and other agriculture-related special funds, focused on rural housing projects focus on supporting facilities.

The provincial government, further implementation of the rural housing construction in land policy. Sound system, improve operations, maximize the benefits to the people so that land revenue as an important source of funds for construction of rural housing, as much as possible so that farmers can spend less money do not even live in new houses. Accordance with the "one family, one house, build a new demolition of the old" principle, the removal of dilapidated buildings, the return of homestead. Further increase in urban and rural construction projects and indicators linked to land use change, land conversion platform as quickly as possible, do a good job of land purchasing and storage and transfer, transfer. Through the rural housing construction around the conservation of the land exchange to the city or town after the resident to arrange for not less than 40% of the replacement indicators for operational land "auction and" value-added benefits to achieve the return of most of rural housing construction projects; balance of rural development indicators first leave enough space, not all the targets will get the balance of the city. (Dazhong Daily)