Jinan, the end of autumn grain harvest in autumn basic types of production is expected to total 1.584 million tons

Currently, Jinan City, the autumn harvest, autumn species was complete, the city area of 376.6 mu of autumn grain harvest, an increase of 2 acres; expected to yield about 420 kg, total production 1,584,000 tons.

According to statistics, the peak harvest year maturity battle machine 4 million units of which 3,400 units of corn harvester, straw machine 1700 sets; corn machine income area of 221.5 hectares. According to preliminary statistics, the agricultural sector at all levels, the city plans to about 330 acres of wheat sowing, planting has been basically completed. Wheat seed subsidy program this year to achieve full coverage in the city. Species peak in autumn, the city invested a total of more than 7,500 Tillage in sets of machinery, planting more than 5,800 sets of machinery, wheat sowing machines 98%.

Provincial Department of Agriculture this year, the city arranged in 5 counties (cities) and districts continue to implement activities to create the production of wheat, each county (city) District to establish two acres of core model films. In order to ensure "high-yield wheat research activities" orderly, Municipal Bureau of Agriculture has developed research activities in the implementation of high-yield wheat programs, integrate fine varieties, scientific planting, soil testing and fertilizer, insect pest control and other key technologies, to promote them through the typical model , the organization's chief expert on agricultural science and technology more than high yielding demonstration stagnation good service. (Jinan Times)