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Rongcheng, Shandong has been identified as the "China Marine products distribution base"

Rongcheng, Shandong has been identified as the "China Marine products distribution base"

16, located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province Economic Development Zone Industrial Park, Rongcheng City Agricultural Exhibition Center, agricultural distribution center opened Rongcheng "China Marine products distribution base," unveiling ceremony was held at the Agricultural Exhibition Center. National Supply and Marketing Cooperative group member of China Association of circulation of agricultural products in the culture brokers shun, vice mayor of Tang Huili Weihai City, Province, Liu Li, deputy director of supply and marketing group, Rongcheng Mayor Hou Shi-Chao, Zhang Tao, deputy mayor of Rongcheng attended the ceremony. In Pui Shun, Tang Huili as "China Marine products distribution base," unveiling, Mr Hou Shi-Chao, Zhang Tao, presided over the ceremony.

"Marine products distributing center in China" is the circulation of agricultural products Brokers Association awarded the city of Rongcheng, is the first one. This is the last year, Rongcheng City, "China Marine Food City", "China Green City" obtained after another award. Hou Shi-Chao said in his speech, over the years, Rongcheng City, agriculture, fisheries and food industry, the rapid development of the economy, fisheries economy in the last 28 years ranked at the county level first, the food processing industry has formed a large cluster, with a large circulation QUICKER industrial base. Currently, Rongcheng City, the urgent need to establish a unified display of external, internal to ensure the quality and safety of the platform, and promote sound and rapid development of agriculture and fisheries industries. "China Marine products distribution base," the opening and the "two centers" of the establishment, not only for agricultural Rongcheng City, to build up a good flow of aquatic platform is conducive to agriculture and fisheries industry bigger and stronger, but also uniform distribution and management of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and other agricultural supplies, Rongcheng City, from the source to protect the economy and food industry, agriculture and fisheries.

Hou Shi-Chao stressed that effective at all levels do a good job of Rongcheng City, cultivation and breeding bases, to comprehensively strengthen the agricultural product quality safety supervision, and constantly protect and enhance agriculture (water) products, brand influence. The relevant departments should do everything possible to solve problems for enterprise development, escort. Relevant enterprises to domestic and foreign merchants and the majority of households extensive exchanges and cooperation breeding industry, bigger and stronger as soon as possible. (Weihai Evening News)