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Linyi City to build recreational agriculture based on edge

Linyi City to build recreational agriculture based on edge

Based on geographical advantages Lanshan Seongbuk Linyi, Linyi actively build the garden, leisure agriculture in a positive on the exploration and practice. Currently, the district has built a number of sight-seeing, leisure, science-in-one leisure agriculture projects, as Lanshan prosperous rural economy, promote agricultural restructuring, increasing peasant income is a major new industry.

Prominent features, carefully built leisure agricultural park. Linyi area around the municipal government on the "two sides to create ecological corridors along the Yi River, travel corridors, special agriculture corridor" of the deployment, the agricultural base, the scientific construction of the park plan.

In the choice of crop varieties, the introduction of features, novelty, ornamental high marketable agricultural species; in the base construction, the stress on the base of the park, and actively building ornamental garden flowers, agricultural science and technology park, tourist park picking items of leisure agriculture . Present initially built the Blue Flag South Square, Li Guanlan month, Pak Yu-port base equal fresh-cut flowers, seedlings of white sand source port days Jing flower base, half high school science base, acres of sweet tea and a number of distinctive features, ornamental strong, cost-effective high agricultural sightseeing zone. Among them, 0.5 million mu of cultivated area of cut flowers, fresh cut flowers 1 billion annual output, annual turnover of 300 million yuan, to become a new bright spot farmers to get rich.

Leveraging Festival will open the new prospects of leisure agriculture. Characteristics of the area based on high-quality agricultural products bases, Demonstration Garden, has introduced a set of tourism, harvesting, recreation as one of the tourism project, through the organization of different forms, distinctive leisure and recreational activities, to develop participatory, experiential characteristics of agricultural tourism project. In recent years, has introduced a mountain town of Peach Blossom, Xiao River Culture Festival, festival and tournament will wait for peach fruit picking, and other characteristics of recreational fishing competitions, not only enriched the life of the people, but also increased the income of the farmers.

Brand, the quality of agricultural products made of tourism souvenirs. Through the standardization of production, brand marketing, market development, focusing on the development of quality agricultural products and packaging, to create a number of high-impact, effective, brand-name products and strong radiation. Region accumulated certified organic, green, pollution-free agricultural products 114, up 95 types of agricultural brands, the emergence of a "Fortune is in Heaven" tea, "Hau River" lotus, "Joe classic" pear, "III and" vegetables, "All Music" Organic Peach, "two-phase non-guess" a large number of best-selling peanuts, agricultural products, greatly enriched the area tourism market, making the characteristics of the agricultural economy to develop rapidly. (Lanshan Agriculture Bureau)