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Hainan Wenchang agricultural relief services Qionghai Corps depth guide to resume production after the disaster

Hainan Wenchang agricultural relief services Qionghai Corps depth guide to resume production after the disaster

In order to expeditiously implement the October 14 meeting the province's agricultural relief and recovery production video conference, October 19, Province Agricultural Relief Corps deputy leader to resume production services, the provincial agricultural machinery led to Secretary Abraham coast of Wenchang, Qionghai guide agricultural production system, disaster relief and recovery work.

Morning, the provincial agricultural services, agricultural corps heard in Wenchang City, the Center for Organization report on the city's agricultural production and flood relief and recovery situations.

Abraham Bin agricultural system in the city and Restoration to the disaster relief work in the affirmative, the next step production of agricultural relief and recovery made seven observations. First, farm machinery service organizations team as soon as possible to carry out rush in the harvest, and looting row, repair, looting farming, plant crops, to minimize flood losses; second is to actively organize production and post-disaster recovery needs urgent supply of agricultural machinery and tools; Third, continue to subsidize the implementation of farm machinery policies, pay close attention to relief work and resume production agricultural subsidies; Fourth, good agricultural system, donation of property activities of their love; Fifth, agricultural production safety work to do after the disaster; six is to play in disaster relief and recovery agricultural production in the "vanguard" role ; Seven is doing the collection of information, statistics, submitted work. Noon Shiju Zhang also down to the rush in the harvest of rice and facilities related to the situation of agriculture at the scene. When he learned that the city will hand-Yao Li Wen Qing agricultural town home was flooded causing several million despite the loss, the use of their transfer by the floods victims in tractors, materials, and other deeds, Shiju Zhang agricultural service center in Wenchang City, accompanied by responsible comrades Li Qing Yao condolences to the family.

In Qionghai, Abraham coast to the city's Office Director Wang Chong understanding agricultural flood relief and recovery related to the circumstances of production, agricultural sector in the city before the disaster rapid response and effective measures, the results are remarkable community reacted strongly to fully reflect the agricultural recovery in the flood relief and the production of "vanguard" role, fully endorsed by the local government and people alike. Chaikin to vigorously promote a model of pro-saving deeds, with his spirit to inspire and encourage agricultural production and flood relief and recovery work at the same time, the organization arranged a good prevention "catfish" super typhoon work. Production and anti-disaster recovery to do work in Taiwan correct. Agricultural sector of the city's disaster preparations to resume production as soon as possible, plant crops of winter vegetables battle Assembly attaches great importance to agricultural machinery, and with the next to the site, in the Agrocybe agricultural sector with the city's serious research.