Vice Premier Hui Liangyu: Hainan disaster must focus on the production of winter vegetables

October 19, 2010 the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu stressed that disaster inspections in Hainan, Hainan is a national base for winter food basket, tropical fruit base, south base of breeding species, natural rubber base, aquatic breeding base, focus on Hainan well as the development of agricultural production, post-disaster needs, but also the overall situation of the national supply of agricultural products. Must focus on the production of winter vegetables, although the country's total share of vegetables in Hainan small, medium and large cities in many varieties of winter, time to market can not be replaced, the winter vegetable market of the country has a significant impact supply and prices, farmers in Hainan important source of income.

Therefore, be sure to do a good job rob drainage, grab cultivation, strengthen management, to ensure quality. Guidance to strengthen the agricultural sector at all levels to implement the seed good laws, uniform seedlings. Sales organizations, 260 million mu of cultivated area is indeed complete for the entire country, "two" to contribute to the market supply of agricultural materials.

Vice Premier Hui Liangyu to restore agricultural production in Hainan the first line to express my sincere condolences to the comrades! Provincial Director of Agriculture Department of Xiao Jie participation accompanied the inspection activities.