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Fall soil preparation to break the bottleneck of Jidong County to promote the progress of

Fall soil preparation to break the bottleneck of Jidong County to promote the progress of

In recent years, as rising corn prices, Jidong County corn acreage has increased, the corn planting area, local income levels are relatively low and the standing straw after harvest, affecting the land, the county has restricted the fall soil preparation the progress of the bottleneck, this, Jidong County has actively adopted effective measures to solve the problem of restricting the progress of site preparation.

First, subsidies to purchase with the national policy to guide farmers to use corn combine purchase. Corn combine harvesting techniques using one hand to speed up the harvest progress, on the other hand most of corn harvester device with Straw, harvested at the same time in the Straw, corn after the machine can be received directly site preparation, as Fall soil preparation won the time.

Second, the government financed the purchase of corn swather.

Jidong County Government invested 10 million yuan last year, the purchase of the 20 fields of corn straw smashing machine, and this year contribute 20 million purchase of 10 sets of cutting corn drying machines, dry land allocated to each township, for cutting maize Rod radiography operations. To cut corn drying machine fully play its role, the county agricultural bureau in conjunction with manufacturers to deploy personnel and technical personnel to equipment installation and commissioning of the township, the work instructions, and timely resolution of equipment problems encountered in use. Each daily average amount of work swather 150 acres, is the manual operation several times, more than 10 units swather operating area of 1.5 hectares has been completed, effectively promote the progress of the county fall soil preparation.