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Mingshui million loan to support livestock production

Mingshui million loan to support livestock production

Ming Shuixian actively support the development of animal husbandry, aquaculture industry to increase efforts to put in loans this year, has accumulated loans to farmers invested 55 million yuan farming, pig production, beef cattle, sheep Development of the three leading industries.

Since the beginning of Ming Shuixian financial sector loans to increase the delivery to the breeding efforts, so that early arrangements, early planning, early deployment, through the organization of deposits, loans and then apply for agriculture and other channels to raise funds, and in placed in the hands of farmers under a time.

Priority Support pigs, beef cattle, sheep breeding industry leading 3 major industrial development, give full play to the credit leverage, the financial sector, agricultural credit window set, the establishment of grassroots credit cooperatives, agricultural credit green channel, the establishment of a credit service desk for loans to farmers to facilitate and promote structural adjustment of rural planting and breeding, animal husbandry training to become truly a pillar industry in rural economic development.

The county build a farming village of 17 professional, professional Tuen 55, 13 joint-stock pastures, sheep farming district two standardized, specialized cooperatives 2, the information service stations in 36 economic development organizations, nearly a hundred people, sales tentacles extend Harbin, Daqing, Liaoning, Hebei and other places, the annual turnover 1.5 billion. Livestock out of water in half of the rural economy growing pattern formation.