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Fall Jixi agricultural land preparation work station grasp reality, a high standard

Fall Jixi agricultural land preparation work station grasp reality, a high standard

Jixi earnestly implement the province's agricultural station "Sanqiu" production site conference to promote the goal of increasing peasant incomes, and increase efforts to strengthen the work measures, pay close attention turned autumn soil preparation work, highlighted the efforts, grasp fact, the standard higher characteristic, mainly taken the following measures.

First, insist on contiguous land preparation, to achieve scale.

Scale of operation to seize the favorable opportunity to promote the city, contiguous to farmers to guide operations, scale of operations, realization of human, machine, to optimize the combination of other factors of production, highlighting the scale of operations, contiguous operations, concentrate on fall soil preparation, soil preparation contiguous area of size 80% or more, Mishan white paozi contiguous area of modern agricultural demonstration zone minimum of 1 million mu. To the current Jixi contiguous area of 300 acres of land preparation up to more than 48.92 million mu, scale of 300 contiguous acres of deep loosening up more than 28.79 million mu.

Second, adhere to the site preparation standards, strict quality control. Accordance with the "field work Heilongjiang Agricultural Machinery Technical Specification" requirements, strict quality standards for soil preparation, the implementation of loose (turn), rake, ridge, suppression of continuous operation, is strictly prohibited not only to turn and turn rake rake pressure disconnection, preparation 85% of land to be broadcast over the state. Up to now be broadcast over state area of 60.62 hectares, an area of 81.05 million mu of standardized land preparation. To ensure the quality of soil preparation standards, set up quality supervision teams to the island to urban areas, twice a week tour to check on the block is not up to standard, and resolutely return to work.

Third, adhere to the complementary field of the county to speed up the progress of site preparation. Based on the actual situation of "three generations", and coordinate the implementation of the county to build a good field, cross-operation, etc., give full play to large farm machinery, the advantages of high operating standards, sharing of resources, complement each other effectively speed up the entire fall schedule. Co-operation to build the city's agricultural land preparation in the fall of the main force of power played a role, playing a lead role model. Up to now, cross-operating area of 62 acres and build an area of agricultural land preparation work cooperatives fall 44.53 million mu, 13.09 mu of subsoiling operation. Hulin Wu Xing modern agricultural cooperatives play to their advantages of technology and equipment, land preparation has been completed fall of 4.4 million mu, 1.1 mu subsoiling operation.

Fourth, increase agricultural investment, enhance the power of farm machinery and equipment. Site preparation in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, Jixi increased the intensity of farm machinery and equipment investment. Purchase by agricultural subsidies, subsidies for more than 80 horsepower tractors 15, 524 Tillage Machinery (sets), mechanical subsoiling 125 (sets). Mishan City Government invested nearly 50 million, the purchase of cut corn drying machine 32, all invested in the city's 16 towns cut bar jobs in maize, until now, cut corn drying machine 32 operating area of 5.5 hectares has been completed, enhance the power of farm machinery and equipment, in order to speed up the overall progress in the autumn to provide material support.

Fifth, enhance service awareness, results-oriented. Agricultural departments at all levels of Jixi enhance service awareness, improve service capabilities, to carry out the service to send the grassroots, to send the field, sending farmers in the activities of land preparation work effectively solve the autumn problems. Fall soil preparation working groups, steering group, quality control group, all the technical services team deep into the production line staff face to face, to guide the production, provision of quality services. Has sent four working groups and permanent supervision of the Regional Technical Services team to carry out full guidance services to ensure the progress and quality of autumn soil preparation. Use of radio, television, Internet and other media site preparation work to the social Xuanzhuan Qiu good practices and experiences, through the special issue of the newspaper to open in autumn soil preparation, and timely information about the situation around the site preparation and completion schedule, ensure that all flow of information. Diesel shortages for the province, through the coordination of multi-active, has solved the problem of insufficient oil to ensure the supply of oil operations, site preparation work for the autumn for a valid time.