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Zhaoxian tasted pear farmers "standardized" sweetness

Zhaoxian tasted pear farmers "standardized" sweetness

Standardized production to "hometown of Chinese snowflake" Zhaoxian tasted the sweetness of the pear farmers. Some two years ago as a pilot from the village to the current 21.79 million mu, Zhaoxian snowflake 100% standardization of the degree of implementation, demonstration area increase compared with non-mu demonstration area of 400 kilograms of high-quality pear, mu income 1,320 yuan.

It is reported that in 2008 by the National Standards Board approved the sixth installment of the second category as a national agricultural standardization demonstration project, Zhaoxian village in northern Malaysia, the Grange and other parts of the village of snowflake standardized test demonstration.

Through the implementation of demonstration areas, from fertilization, pruning, pest control, pear harvesting, drying and so have adopted standardized storage operations, demonstration areas compared with non-demonstration areas, increase the amount of organic manure into the tree structure significantly improved physical, biological pest control methods widely used new technologies, extensive use of drying measures pear drying, high-quality fruit rate from 50% to 95%, fruit pests and diseases and defects from 20% to 3%, snowflake total sugar content increased by 1.5 percentage points. Arsenic, lead, mercury and heavy metals pollution of pesticide residues have reached the green A-level standard.

Benefited from the demonstration area to promote the success of local implementation of the "unity of pruning, fertilizing watering uniform, uniform vegetable fruits and vegetables, bagging a unified, uniform fertilization, pest control reunification" and "Six unified" management measures. They regularly organize the masses and technological personnel to observe the scene, give full play to "a point of doing a good job, driving a large," the typical model of radiation effect.

Currently, Pears Agricultural Standardization Zhaoxian farmers has reached 18,874, pear, pear farmers also registered a 108 cooperatives, organizations together to form the leading drive base, the base contact farmers standardized production system. To further increase the cultivation of the leading enterprises, and promote sales pear, Zhaoxian foster the development of a 20 pome fruit export company, and vigorously promoting the "company + base + standardization" of the industry business model, standardized to establish the technical standards as the main kinds of enterprise standard system, the concept of industrialization to manage pome the whole process of industrialization.

In 2008, Zhaoxian built into the core demonstration areas snowflake 5,000 acres, the radiation area of 1 million acres; 2009, built the core area of 1 million mu demonstration area, radiation area of 1.5 hectares. Accordance with the "construction of agricultural standardization Zhaoxian plan" required annual work targets, establish a demonstration in 2010 Zhaoxian area of 19.29 mu, total output of 413.57 million kg in total production value of 964.5 million yuan, representing an increase of non-quality pears mu demonstration area If 400 kg of high-quality pear 77,160,000 kg yield, acres of income 1320 yuan, the annual total income 254.63 million yuan.