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The basic end of the winter wheat planting area in Hebei Province last year increased by 40 million mu

The basic end of the winter wheat planting area in Hebei Province last year increased by 40 million mu

News from the Provincial Agriculture Office was informed that, as of October 19, the end of Wheat planting is essential. According to data submitted by municipalities to preliminary statistics, more than 3,600 acres of winter wheat acreage, 40 acres more than last year.

This year, food prices rise, the efforts to implement preferential agricultural policies continue to increase, mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to plant wheat, plus more autumn rainfall, soil moisture better, their enthusiasm to expand wheat acreage. It is understood that sowing of wheat this year, showing an increase scientific and technological content, high degree of mechanization, planting fast and so on. Preliminary statistics across the province to implement soil testing and fertilizer, precision seeding, straw, repression and other technical area after sowing increased wheat planting and better foundation.

Species of wheat during the province's 20 million units out of wheat seeder, machine sowing area of nearly 3500 hectares, machine sowing rate of 95% or more, to speed up the planting schedule. Sowing of wheat from north to south starting from October 1 to 19, the end of 1 day shorter than normal.

Currently, the province's agricultural sector at all levels before winter wheat is a good grasp of management, organizational experts, in-depth production line, launching the "check growth of the seedlings, check soil moisture, pests check the situation," activities, and make technical recommendations to guide farmers to do field science management to ensure that all of wheat seedlings, seedling winter wheat harvest to seize lay the foundation for next year.