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Li Qianxi not reduce agricultural production cuts

Li Qianxi not reduce agricultural production cuts

"Lizao August, September, hawthorn, chestnut October laugh." With the cooler weather, moved to West streets and float Tangchaolizai aroma. Unlike previous years, this year Qianxi Chestnut affected by climate conditions in the 30% cut, the price has doubled, chestnut farm incomes rise, not fall, the county is expected to achieve sales revenue of 400 million yuan chestnut, almost more than last year 100 million yuan.

Qianxi is the famous "Chestnuts," the main origin. 2009 Chestnut yield up to 4.5 million tons, the original transaction price of goods is about 4.5 yuan per catty. Buoyant this year, Sept. 14, in Township children Qianxi Han Yang Li Village as the autumn at the launching ceremony on the village tour, Yang Jiayu national quality chestnut varieties - early Yanshan Chestnut Feng mother actually Liguo 28,000 yuan per kilogram sold for.

September 18, is still in the cereal Chestnuts Qianxi market, with a loud Luoxiang, Qianxi Chestnut official enjoys a purchase. One enjoys a chestnut purchase price reached 8.6 yuan per catty. Since then all the way up, early in October, reaching 10 per catty, after a slight fall, but always more than 9 per catty hovering high, compared to last year, Qianxi Chestnut sale price more than doubled.

Li agricultural income because, in addition to reduced production this year, also benefited from the implementation of green production Qianxi, integration, and expand sales channels. Currently, the county nearly 60 million mu of chestnut village has been certified by the provincial pollution-free fruit base, the product also successfully won the national industry, the first Chinese chestnut well-known trademarks, geographical indications, Hebei Province's first well-known trademarks. Chestnut county has grown to 22 cooperatives, business development to the 35 chestnut. As of now, the county has completed the acquisition of the total annual chestnut 80%, of which the vast majority of cooperatives and business acquisitions.