Hainan Province Department of Agriculture Agricultural Service went to the cities and counties to carry out disaster recovery production

Provincial Department of Agriculture Agricultural relief services to seriously implement the Corps Director Xiao Jie "Six grab six implementation of the" relief work requirements, and actively organize various cities and counties in agricultural production disaster recovery sectors, has sent three working groups went to Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Ting, Mannings, Lingshui six worst-hit cities and counties guidance.

October 20, Province Agricultural Secretary, vice president of agricultural disaster relief service corps captain Abraham led to the shore to carry out agricultural disaster recovery Ding'an production.

In Ding'an Mohan Bo deputy head of the county agricultural center, accompanied by the Lord Guangwu Mo, Abraham shore line of Long Island town set deep into the ocean, river town, the first of Wong Chuk Yeung guide the work of agricultural rush in the harvest of late rice.

Abraham Bin learn more about the disaster and recovery Ding'an production, fully affirmed the work of the county's disaster recovery product that the county's agricultural sector to give full play to resume production of agricultural machinery in the relief of the main force, the vanguard role, the results are remarkable leadership sure, the masses satisfaction.

Abraham Bin request an agricultural disaster recovery to continue to do the work of the primary production service; second, subsidies for agricultural machinery and tools do a good job post-disaster work; Three, we need better manage the use of relief funds; Fourth, we should do everything possible to make "catfish" super typhoon prevention work; five to be good at summing up experience and establish a typical good statistics and information publicity work.

It is understood that the county's nearly 20,000 mature rice to be harvested, in order to catch the "catfish" rush in the harvest is completed before the arrival of the typhoon, agricultural departments and the county emergency organization of Qionghai, Chengmai harvesters and other cities and counties to conduct joint operations of 132 units to step up the harvest, in pursuit of October 22 to mature rice harvest is completed, efforts to reduce losses caused by typhoon.