Hainan Province, with agricultural school students for internships advice to farmers on production recovery


In recent days, the provincial agricultural school to send students to in-depth classes and advice to farmers on production work to do disaster recovery, especially in October 16,17 days, heavy rain, Wang-fat, Li Chien, Tsai flowers, grass-roots level, respectively, Wang Yong, and other teachers classes, with students doing internships advice to farmers on production and post-disaster recovery work.

The rain continued to cause great loss of farmers to achieve professional and technical guidance needed to restore production, this is the current disaster internships farmers the main content of the students, our school students with practical guidance for farmers to do the following main aspects: a actual practice is a combination of post-disaster production. Especially in conjunction with disaster recovery production, study and practice of disease prevention and control to do; the second is based on the actual needs of the school will set up seminars to help farmers improve the resilience of students, post-disaster recovery and sales of winter vegetables, livestock and poultry disease control techniques and timely solutions to farmers student In practical problems encountered in practice; third experts, professional teachers guide students to tour villages and households to resume production after the disaster, action learning, improve their practical skills and practical effect of technology to reduce natural disaster losses.

Hainan Province 2008 secondary school students in rural Sanjiang training, three slope, Yunlong 3 points 4 classes teaching 253 students in classes, in addition to 20 students could not come deadening by the flood, the other 233 students in the rain participate actively.