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Daqing Chin Wah crystal sugar and maltodextrin project yesterday laid the foundation stone

Daqing Chin Wah crystal sugar and maltodextrin project yesterday laid the foundation stone

One year later, in the successful 15 million tons of corn deep processing, the development of China Daqing new station in the town of Zhaoyuan County Corn Industry Park, started the second of 3.5 billion investment, so far, Daqing has invested more than development projects in China 10 million.

21 am, Daqing Chin Wah 200,000 tons and 50,000 tons of sugar crystallization maltodextrin project laid the foundation stone, marking the production of the "celebration" famous corn starch, and began to higher technological content, higher value-added, market applications downstream areas of the wider extension.

Mayor Xia Lihua attended the ceremony and unveiled the cornerstone.

It is understood that, as a national project of leading industry, the Group invested 760 million yuan in Asia biochemical building design and processing capacity of 60 tons of corn deep processing of Daqing Chin Wah Project Phase I, has been put into operation since last October, has deep processing of corn 15 million tons, producing 100,000 tons of starch, corn gluten meal, corn germ, fiber feed 5 million tons, sales income reached 250 million yuan, taxes paid 50 million, effectively expanding the city's biotechnology industry, and promote the industrial structure upgrade.

Crystal sugar and maltodextrin, is widely used in food production, market prospects of food additives, which are corn starch production through intensive processing, and its value ten times that of corn. The construction of the annual output of 200,000 tons and 50,000 tons of sugar crystallization maltodextrin project, is currently the single large-scale installations, the use of modern technology, the United States Doyle, the company model, the overall technology leader at the International, the project will start next year the end of production, estimated annual production value of 800 million yuan, profits of nearly billion.

According to the person in charge of the enterprise, relying on raw corn advantages of Daqing area and advanced production technology, quality products, only a year into production, the Daqing China has established a development center south, north, northeast, focusing on nationwide sales network of radiation , the domestic sales market covering 20 provinces, 50 cities, and open to Russia, Southeast Asia and other foreign markets.

Construction of development projects in Daqing of China, boosting the Zhaoyuan County and the surrounding areas the planting of corn, only Zhaoyuan County, this year's corn acreage to expand to 130 acres, is expected to total up to 105 tons.