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Jiamusi grain work conference held

Jiamusi grain work conference held

19 morning, the Jiamusi City meeting of food acquisition, the city acquired the food sector on this year's autumn grain market regulation and the current arrangements for the work carried out this year, grain output is expected to exceed Jiamusi million tons.

It is understood that this autumn the national and provincial government proposed to fully revitalize the acquisition of the grain circulation, and promote the smooth sale of surplus grain farmers, continued to sell grain to increase revenue, maintain the normal operation of the grain market order. Grain purchasing policy to be reasonable layout of the temporary library purchasing and storage point for farmers Shou Liang, limited income, do not refuse, open acquisition.

Meanwhile, the overall strengthening of the acquisition of a qualification examination, grain purchasing fund regulation, supervision and inspection of food markets, food business operators to implement the maximum limit inventory requirements, seriously deal with illegal activities, safeguard food distribution order.

At the meeting, City Council person in charge of the food in Jiamusi City this year, grain production situation, the analysis of the city's acquisition of the market in the autumn of positive and negative factors. Northeast Rice now gradually being recognized by the South market, sales situation for the better year by year, but starting this year with high food prices, increased risk management, to learn from past lessons, the food sector should play the main role, and actively expand the business volume, the courage to compete in the market for the sale of surplus farmers to contribute.