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Sui Binxian achieved remarkable results in Paddy Fields

Sui Binxian achieved remarkable results in Paddy Fields

Sui Binxian seize the province, "thousands of tons of grain production project" favorable development opportunity, strong implementation of the "Two Rivers Development Strategy", carefully organize the implementation of quality rice per mu rice project, focus on promoting the planting structure adjustment. New development this year, 30 million mu of paddy fields, the total area of paddy fields has reached 70 million mu, accounting for 33 million mu of paddy field area of the city's new 91% of total provincial area of 200 mu of paddy field where additional 15%, add rice and planting soybeans compared to increase the yield of 3 tons.

First, based on the advantages of scientific development planning

Suibin Xian is the province one of 36 major grain-producing counties, is a national commodity grain base counties, the existing 123 million mu of cultivated land, the rural population of 8.9 million people. As a typical agricultural county, and how frequent natural disasters in the case of the steady promotion of agricultural output, rural incomes, out of an efficient, scientific and sustainable agricultural development, is needed to solve the problem over the years. To overcome this problem as soon as possible to effectively solve the bottleneck restricting the development of the issue Suibin 2009 team composed of four county-level mission to Hailin, Jiayin other cities and counties were study tours, broaden their horizon and accumulated experience. After concluding its investigation, the county conducted a thorough and meticulous research, demonstration and through the hiring of experts repeatedly solicit views of the community to determine vigorously implement the "1357" project, promoting "five strategic" development ideas. Re-positioning and look after the resources for the county within the non-mountain Shaolin, low and flat, vertical and horizontal rivers, swamps clouds, has a wealth of ground and groundwater resources, suitable for the development of rice cultivation in the actual circumstances of the "two rivers and the development of strategic planning "to determine the three years to create" a hundred acres of rice base in the county, "the overall objective, clearly a prominent agricultural crop structure adjustment, to develop rice cultivation in order to achieve rice rich people, Societe Generale's work thinking of rice. To ensure the "Two Rivers Development Strategy" smooth implementation with rich experience in the NPC Agriculture and Rural mainly under the lead director of "Two Rivers Development Strategy" to form a county-level team leaders play down the administrative division and seek common development of the good momentum of Suibin. Thus, to develop rice cultivation as a "strategy of developing the two rivers," the top priority, as structural adjustment, an important measure to increase the farmers, spare no effort to fully advance.

Second, strengthen leadership, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers

"A hundred acres of rice base counties," the overall goals are determined, Sui Binxian committee, the county government to actively think of ways to create mechanisms to solve problems and do everything possible implementation. Set up a "strategy of developing the two rivers" special advance team deep into the towns, in villages, land for research to guide, to help farmers solve practical problems in production. Work on the implementation of management by objectives, formulated "Sui Binxian development strategy to promote implementation of the Two Rivers program," the new rice-growing area of decomposition of the implementation to the towns, villages and households, and development of paddy fields into towns and the responsible departments annual target management, one by one work to implement the responsibility to listen to on a regular basis the progress, development and construction, the uniform examination and strict rewards and punishments. Enhance service guide, the implementation of "package Township, including the village, in family" working mechanism, secretary of the county work grasping surface, the NPC Director, Committee Chairman is responsible for supervision and guidance package film, and other Standing Committee, and members of the team package towns, to help coordinate guide the development of paddy fields; the township and village leadership to determine the package, sent in households under the cadres, door-by-block implementation of the paddy field area at the same time, fully cooperate with relevant departments, the combination of a strong work force, formed the upper and lower mobilization, the National Qi war in the work. Leaders at all levels on the one hand organizations greenhouse seedling production technology families, the typical large paddy fields, in-depth the township, conducted a speaking tour in villages, their own experiences; the other hand holding the summer and autumn fair of agricultural fields by about experience, about the practice On the effectiveness of ways to make farmers look at the eyes, anxious heart, which greatly improved the farmers, "Replacing Dry" and the implementation of greenhouses nursery initiative and enthusiasm.

Third, grab the former Zhuazao, and further accelerate the development pace of paddy fields

Since this spring, Sui Binxian conscientiously sum up experience and profound lessons of last year delayed sowing field influenced by the profound lessons of the drought to take the initiative to fight back move to take the initiative to promote standards, so that unity of thought early, work early implementation. To speed up the development pace of paddy field in 2009, Sui Binxian to site preparation has been carried out in autumn, autumn for bed, and a series of irrigation and water conservancy construction work, completed a total of 60 million mu of land preparation in autumn, autumn 77,000 cubic meters of soil preparation and fall for the 160-bed million square meters, wells 257 in autumn, digging a pit 1059, invented the "autumn autumn to", "Torrents of Spring Autumn trouble," the boom, spring production this year has laid a good foundation. The face of great spring snow, low temperature and other natural disasters, the county invested more than 100 million farmers more than 220 million total invested capital, and clear the size of the drainage of more than 30 articles, nearly 20 million linear meters; clean up breeding sites 5.6 million square meters, more than 200 million cubic meters of snow removal. To ensure the grab before the Zhuazao, timely sowing, a planting seedlings preservation, formulated and issued a "spring production program prepared by the county" and demanded early Koupeng rice, early seeding, early planting, to ensure complete Koupeng March 31 tasks, In mid-April sowing, planting in late May, and resolutely do not buckle in April shed, sterile seedlings in May, do not plug in June seedlings, field crops are planted to ensure the best yield in the period. At the same time, actively implement policies to help build, organize 109 county agencies, enterprises and institutions were package to hold the 109 administrative villages, 4,000 people were deployed manpower, invested 120 million yuan, effectively help to resolve the practical difficulties of farmers, ensuring paddy field wells, nursery tasks completed on schedule.

Fourth, integration of funds, and effectively to increase investment

Paddy field development funds to solve problems, Sui Binxian proposed the "development of agricultural projects around the paddy fields turn" the work of thinking through the integration of all aspects of projects and funds, the formation of a "fry a dish of all, make up table seats" sound development mechanism . Formulated a series of preferential policies, the new paddy fields play well, the new standard are given to each rice seedling greenhouse eye, each of them 1,000 yuan of subsidies; extend the loan period of paddy field agriculture households, farmers Loan funds can be used beyond the year; new development paddy households 600 yuan per mu to give small loans to stimulate the enthusiasm of farmers in developing paddy fields. In 2009, a total investment of 1.04 billion yuan for the smooth implementation of the development of paddy field provided funding. First, irrigation infrastructure has been constantly strengthened. 2.38 million last winter and spring input subsidies, the new 2386 playing well paddy, paddy fields so the county total to 8,960 wells. Total investment of 31 million yuan to complete the dredging of paddy field drainage canal dug drainage ditches and the new 33, 138.1 km, construction of permanent Han 21, Han 186 temporary bridge 4, maintenance and reconstruction of the AO, the Hung Yen, Desheng and Irrigation District Yongxing 4 major projects. Completed the five towns, 14 of the oil to power engineering, oil change of paddy field area of 12.8 mu of power. Second, standardization of rice seedlings were significantly improved. New rice seedling greenhouse 3996, total 8098 greenhouse. 30 or more new breeding area 22, of which more than one hundred nursery area 4, medium and large shed in rice seedling rate of 100%. Third, the rapid increase in the level of agricultural mechanization. To secure more than 600 million state subsidy funds, the new paddy transplanter 1285 units, total of 5224 units; new paddy land preparation machines in more than 763 horsepower units, total of 2109 units, driving farmers into more than 2000 million.

V. Duocuobingju promote institutional innovation

Sui Binxian take effective measures to promote institutional innovation of agricultural operations, speed up transformation of the mode of agricultural operation, the promotion of modern rice industry. One innovative service approach. 110 through the start of agriculture, the creation of TV column, send SMS, make feature films, the implementation of technology packages Township, expert field guide and other channels, and truly need to master in agricultural production the key to the hand and teach techniques to farmers. Second, the positive development scale. This year, on the basis of respecting the wishes of farmers, to take information, guidance, demonstration, etc., strongly promoting large-scale land operation, different forms of scale paddy field area of 13 mu, and promote the transfer of rural labor. As the end of June, the county transferred a total of 1.5 million people labor to achieve more than 2600 million in labor income. Third, strengthening the standards for grain construction. In accordance with the scale, the standard, on the level of the job requirements, highlighting the construction of Suibin Qing Lin, Chung-jen joint, Suidong along the road, even students with courtesy, North Kong ITC, Kitayama Rong Lin, strong in 10 acres Xiangyang demonstration area of rice production. Implementation of field irrigation and drainage, roads, and afforestation projects, efforts to achieve "Tianfang Lin networks cement, direct communication channel power Lacy; green rice fish, standardization, scale increasing efficiency." Building objectives, and thus promote the standardization of the county agricultural cultivation step a new level.

From Suibin promoting "Two Rivers Development Strategy" of the actual effectiveness of the point of view, through the paddy field development, not only brought considerable economic benefits of farmers to accelerate the pace of land scale operation, greater and greater intensity of agricultural infrastructure, enhance the anti-agriculture disease resilience, the overall grain production capacity steadily increased. Practice shows that great efforts to strengthen the promotion of agricultural development is the steady paddy yield, farmers continued to increase the effective way is to implement the "thousands of tons of grain production project" a powerful guarantee.