Fengzhen Ningyang China Village were among the high, "the National Democratic rule of law model village"

This year, the Village was high Fengzhen Ningyang Chinese Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly awarded the fourth installment of the "national democratic rule of law model village," the honorary title. At the recent awarding ceremony, Hu Shengli, deputy director of the county People's Congress demanding the Village, to be given to the Comment on "national democratic rule of law model village" as an opportunity to continue to focus on legal education, improve the democratic consciousness of the cadres and masses and legal concepts; to rules and systems, and promote the democratization of rural grass-roots organization and management, standardization.

In recent years, China Xinfeng Village, pay close attention to the high building of grassroots organizations, promote the rule of law, people's mediation, livelihood projects and other work to guide villagers to study the law, knowing, usage, law-abiding, all according to law, to become law-abiding citizen, the villagers legal awareness and participation in the democracy, the rule of law activities, awareness has been further enhanced the level of the village of village cadres according to the law has been further improved.

It is reported that, in this "national democratic rule of law model village" Award in recognition of activities, China Tai'an City Fengzhen High Village is 6 counties (cities, districts) were among the only village. (Ningyang County Farm Bureau)