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GAOTANG actively promote the implementation of the work to support and benefit agriculture building new countryside

GAOTANG actively promote the implementation of the work to support and benefit agriculture building new countryside

Gaotang Shandong Province this year as the Agriculture and Industry Bureau, the benefits of agricultural work carried out, to take positive measures to take practical action to support the new rural construction.

Trademarks of agriculture, to develop agricultural trademarks, crack agricultural products "competition difficult." Actively implement trademark strategy of agricultural products to help with the scale of operation, operating characteristics of the brand of agricultural products.

Red Shield protect agriculture, to develop advocacy group, break the farmers "rights difficult." As anchor points to the formation of village-level activists, "Red Shield activist network" to provide farmers with "zero distance" of high quality and efficient service.

Network to handle complaints by rights, and earnestly safeguard the interests of farmers.

Brokerage activities of agriculture, develop rural brokers, break the market "to open up difficult." According to the characteristics of the township, a planned development of a number of rural agents. Further strengthen the agricultural marketing team, develop a wider market segment.

Contract to help farmers to develop contract farming, break the contract "to honor difficult." Focus on strengthening the agricultural contracts before, during, after the guidance, regulation and supervision, and actively promote legislation to strengthen the contract to carry out the contract the promotion and use of model text, and actively develop "order agriculture", to guide the rural enterprise applications create "Shou contract, credit "enterprise.

Strong agricultural economic organizations, to develop farmer cooperatives, farmer crack "hard to get rich." Service window to take forward the fields, "one to one" live aid, granting preferential policies to local conditions, guide, help the farmers to develop farmer cooperatives, at present, the development of farmer cooperatives 290, total number of members a total of 2892 people, total amount of 388.8 million yuan investment, played the Hindu an industry, the rich farmers demonstration to promote the role of a party.

Registration help farmers, vigorously improve one-stop service, crack farmers "work hard." Adhere to the "Shouwenzeren system" and "a clean" system, the "first instance of a nuclear", "one-stop" services, the creation of "green channel" to reduce barriers to entry. (Xinhua Shandong Channel)