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Implement the important instructions of Vice Premier Hui Liangyu off climax restore production of winter vegetables

Implement the important instructions of Vice Premier Hui Liangyu off climax restore production of winter vegetables

Provincial Department of Agriculture held a provincial meeting of post-disaster recovery of winter vegetables production

October 21, the Provincial Agriculture Department held a provincial production of winter vegetables disaster recovery emergency meeting, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu inspected to convey the important instructions of Hainan, deployment and disaster recovery off peak production of winter vegetables.

Director Xiao Jie reports on the situation in all units made after listening to speech.

He noted that Vice Premier Hui Liangyu's speech is very pertinent to the present production of the actual recovery of Hainan, back and front-end requirements of the Deputy Prime Minister and the provincial government is very consistent with the deployment of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Deputy Prime Minister of the province's agricultural sector recognition and sympathy encouragement of our great and encouraging. Provincial Department of Agriculture will convene three times a spot of winter vegetables and other measures to ensure the recovery of production work, and implement the important instructions of Deputy Prime Minister.

Jie Xiao pointed out a speech as the driving force necessary to carry out, be sure to implement the task of planting 260 acres; the second is the current production of winter vegetables have been restored across the province early results; third is the full restoration of the production of winter vegetables arduous task.

Good recovery for the full production of winter vegetables, to implement the important instructions of Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, Xiao Jie requirements: the province's agricultural sector at all levels to do good, "Robbery and a strong" to strengthen the disaster relief fund management, attention to information publicity, good winter fair and do the service. To establish confidence, going all out, based on the good job, focus firmly, resolutely fight this battle winter vegetables, and implementing the important instructions of Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, to make new contributions to the national winter basket.

At the meeting, Zhu Qingmin, deputy director of Vice Premier Hui Liangyu inspected conveyed the important instructions of Hainan.

Conference Wang Hongliang, deputy director of the provincial agricultural department chair. Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, be safe, Chengmai the 6 counties and 3 Bureau of Agriculture Agricultural Center, made a statement, a brief report on the disaster recovery situations related to the production of winter vegetables.

Deputy Director of Provincial Agriculture Department Zhuqing Min, Zhou Yanhua, Wang Hongliang, Wang Bridge, Deputy Inspector of Forest Road Hole, head of the Office of the relevant offices, cities and counties in agriculture (agricultural, forestry) Bureau is mainly responsible, Haikou City, Wenchang City, Qionghai City, Wanning City, Chengmai County, Ding'an agricultural bureau, attended the meeting.