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Xintai City efforts to improve the training of farmers to increase the ability of farmers to get rich

Xintai City efforts to improve the training of farmers to increase the ability of farmers to get rich

In recent years, with the level of productivity improvement and the continuous emergence of new industries, scientific and cultural quality of the rural labor force is relatively low, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of social development, conflict becoming increasingly apparent. In response to this issue, Xintai City, lost no time in a plan, set tasks, to enhance the training efforts of farmers, as improved ability of farmers to get rich and increase the income of farmers important task. 2010, Xintai City farmer training is divided into four parts:

1, the new farmer training. Xintai City has undertaken this year, the provincial science and technology training of new farmers.

In project implementation, in accordance with the "focused, innovative mechanisms to strengthen assessment, improve effectiveness," the idea, center around high-quality and efficient agriculture to grain, vegetables, silkworm and other key production technology characteristic industry focus , for different objects, different levels of training. This year, the city has trained 200 farmers counselors, counselors led by farmers demonstration of more than 4,000 households. Meanwhile, the use of "agricultural links" information and training platform, according to the season farming season, the timely dissemination of key production technologies, increasing the popularity of farmers training, and comprehensively improve the ability of farmers to get rich and comprehensive quality.

2, the Sunshine Project training. Sunshine Project this year, made in the content of the training material adjustment, from the last adjustment of rural labor employment training and vocational skills training for agricultural cooperative development of professional training of farmers. This year, the city has undertaken training of provincial and municipal levels, the task Sunshine Project, 1700. Training strictly implement the "four management approach" and the "six management system", pay close attention to base certification, recruitment training, telephone verification, tracking services and other key areas. Strengthen project monitoring, effective supervision of the window to move forward and continuously improve the quality of training.

3, the new farmers entrepreneurial training. To speed up the construction of new countryside in Xintai City, and the development of modern agriculture, Xintai City has a strong selection of a group of entrepreneurial aspirations of farmers and agricultural production areas of expertise-based, management-and marketing talents, took part in the Shandong entrepreneurship training organized by the University of agriculture, rural entrepreneurship, a total of 100 various types of training, of which, head of specialized cooperative organizations of farmers 60, head of small and medium agro-processing enterprises 40.

4, practical training in rural areas. To seriously implement practical human resource development in rural areas "hard plan" and the new human resources development in rural areas, "Green Action", by the status and needs of rural practical skills based on research to develop practical skills in rural areas and long-term development program 2010-2020. According to the higher level this year, the Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with municipal organizations, to increase the focus on rural "agricultural extension personnel", "management personnel in rural areas", "breeding experts," and "craftsmen" four utility personnel training, and focus on four types of practical training 5,000 personnel, of which 400 agricultural extension personnel, management personnel in rural areas 500, breeding experts 2,500, 1,600 craftsmen. Up to now, has been cultivating all kinds of practical skills in rural areas and more than 21,000. (Xintai City Bureau of Agriculture)