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The passage of strong cold air will cool in some areas of Heilongjiang Province, more than 16 ℃

The passage of strong cold air will cool in some areas of Heilongjiang Province, more than 16 ℃

21, and the Cross than a few days before the rain and snow, sunny Harbin in recent days, the maximum temperature has risen to 10 ℃, and people have to go out feeling autumn. But did not last long, cold autumn after the strongest on 23 日 (周六) attacks in Heilongjiang province, the warm autumn draws to a close, Heilongjiang may enter into winter weather.

21 meteorological monitoring center in Heilongjiang Province has learned from the beginning this Saturday, the strongest since the autumn of this year will hit a cold air of Heilongjiang province, when the cooling rate will reach 12 ℃ -16 ℃, the southeastern parts of the cooling超过 16 ℃. 26 across the province will be reduced to the lowest temperature, minimum temperature will drop to Harbin about -10 ℃. Some areas will also be accompanied by strong winds, snow and frost weather.

According to According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, 21 to 26, the strongest since autumn this year, the cold air from west to east would "sweep" in most areas of China. Affected, the Northeast region, north of North China, Huanghuai, JAC, South East and other places cooling rate of up to 12 ~ 16 ℃.

Meteorologists warned that the strong cold air in parts of the process may be energy supply, transportation, agricultural production, adverse side effects, please transport, energy, agriculture, health and other departments for appropriate defensive preparations to protect the people cold and warm the required power supply, heating, gas; the public to keep an eye weather forecast, time to add clothing to prevent influenza and other diseases.