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Rushan ginger production price is the "double high" price 4 yuan per kilogram

Rushan ginger production price is the "double high" price 4 yuan per kilogram

October 20, Shandong Rushan 4 acres ginger harvest. High prices by hoarding the impact of ginger, ginger in the famous village of Pak Sha Village Northwest Tan Zhen, Dagushan town, village books, newly hatched to the day average price of fresh ginger 4 yuan per kilogram, while Last year, the price per kilogram of fresh ginger 3 million, Rushan ginger market in the production, signs of high prices.

Rushan ginger growing area this year to reach 4 million acres, into three more than last year, although more rain 8,9 month, insufficient light, Rushan ginger or a bumper harvest, the local Association of sampling ginger yield estimation, yield was 6500 kg per mu still about 10% increase over last year.

Well-known in the local village of Pak Sha Tan Zhen ginger Northwest Village, Dagushan book town village, 20, is the ginger farmers to sell the first batch of a new ginger this year, with the soil, the new joint stem ginger prices Up to 4 yuan per kilogram, while in the last year, the price of 3 yuan per kilogram, or large, not seen for many years, adding to wait and see mood ginger farmers, some farmers took ginger sold part of the cache part of the reluctant sellers retained the practice.

Ginger harvest, the price is still high, this reporter contacted the Rushan at Pei Sheng ginger co-director of the New, he is the acquisition of Weifang, ginger and other places. Pei new introduction, she recently came from Liaoning came back affected by floods this year, Liaoning, ginger cut severely, and this increases the ginger market supply and demand. At the same time, since the autumn, Jiang Chen cache high prices have been hovering around 10 yuan per kg, while in 2009, the cache Chen Jiang price of 5.2 yuan per kg, ginger not cut prices, leading to a new high net worth ginger . (Qilu Evening News)