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Jiangxi raise 12 billion yuan to strengthen water conservancy construction of post-disaster

Jiangxi raise 12 billion yuan to strengthen water conservancy construction of post-disaster

Jiangxi Province, this year, suffered severe flooding, as of the end of August, the province more than a total of 31 acres of levee breaches, of which 9 million mu of dykes, small reservoir collapse, Block 2, 15 small reservoir overtopping; Total 1878 Reservoir, 4276 many dykes, 5178 revetments, embankments and water Pei 7102, 3,961 culverts, 1,825 pumping stations, 19,218 channels, 55 hydrological stations, 3181 electromechanical wells and other danger, water conservancy facilities directly economic losses of 120 billion. It also exposed the weakness of water infrastructure in Jiangxi Province, the overall weak capacity to resist natural disasters, especially small and medium rivers and small reservoirs, acres and 5 acres or more than a small levee levee flood protection standards do not focus on medium-high, flood control capacity is not strong.

As soon as possible repair the flood damaged water conservancy, strengthening disaster irrigation infrastructure, improve the capacity of flood control and drought mitigation, Jiangxi Province, decided to raise funds through various channels 12.0 billion, for 3 consecutive years in the province carry out "irrigation and water conservancy construction" activities, the rise of post-disaster water conservancy construction boom, bigger disaster for the peace and order, of the water damage to water, for the benefit of the people and promote development.
Person in charge of the provincial financial department, "the construction of farmland water conservancy," the main objectives are: a comprehensive repair damaged water conservancy projects this winter and next spring, the recent security promptly repaired, the current urban and rural residents and agricultural irrigation water damaged water conservancy facilities; this year's escape from danger levee reinforcement within one year and revert to the original flood control standard, mu levee design standards within two years to improve the county flood control standards; completed before the end of this year's plans and priorities of small and medium-sized DANGEROUS reinforcement, two years to complete small (b) type and flash floods DANGEROUS disaster warning system and build a sound provincial flood control and drought emergency team city and county levels; further improve the standards of agricultural drainage flood control and drought, rural canal, within two years of field engineering new and rehabilitation of irrigation area of 144 acres, improved irrigation area of 294 mu.
"Irrigation and water conservancy construction" activities and its construction are: water damage emergency repair works, focusing on emergency levee seepage, flood control flood control projects focus on closed loop construction, dam reinforcement, emergency reinforcement of key projects and small irrigation emergency order building.
Person in charge of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, 2010-2011, the province will seek central support, integrated agro-related increase funds for provincial, municipal and county levels, financial investment, according to the law through the "thing" fund-raising organization of farmers raising and labor and market financing channels, to raise 12 billion yuan of funds for post-disaster water conservancy facilities.
First, investment 1.836 billion yuan fully completed emergency repair the damaged works. Autumn on the river embankment Linchuan, Yongfeng seven are embankment eight million mu of cultivated land protection levee breaches, the emergency closure work and rehabilitation Danger treatment dike to protect the safety of next year's flood season; in accordance with the "first response, after improved; first life, production; first priority, after the general "principle, in this year's floods damaged reservoirs, dykes, culverts, pumping stations, irrigation ditches, water Pei, hydrological facilities, water conservation and other water conservancy projects and hydropower stations in rural areas for emergency repair, to protect the urban and rural residents and agricultural irrigation water needs. .
Second, investment 2.746 billion yuan for reinforcing dangerous reservoirs. Fully completed this winter and spring 5037 the province of small (2)-type reservoir, lower end of the spillway elevation of imports, widened inlet section of Danger and other projects dealing with the emergency, ensure that next year flood safety; 2010-2011, the completion of 498 focus on small (1)-type dam reinforcement.
Third is to invest 4.239 billion yuan for dike reinforcement for. On GANFU embankment, Linchuan singing 44 Kay embankment seepage and levee reinforcement contingency, winter and next spring to complete construction of embankment in Jiujiang County, 1.32 km wide dike line standards, and completed the rest of singing 43 Kay levee embankment Emergency levee seepage and risky sections dike reinforcement; to Lake Feng Fu DYKE, Gan Xi Xiao river bank and other nine key standards of the embankment dykes were not reinforce this winter and next spring to complete the flood prevention closed loop construction; on the river through the Ministry of Water Resources review of key segments of the five flood control emergency planning training projects in 11 municipalities and districts within the urban flood control projects and other dike reinforcement works; basically completed this winter and next spring, 30 small and medium rivers to control it 42, 2010-2011 medium and small rivers fully completed treatment.
Fourth, invest 2.679 billion yuan to strengthen small-scale irrigation and water conservancy construction. 2010 implementation of the 46 key counties and 78 counties (cities, districts), the development zone, farms and other special projects. 2011 strive to focus on the implementation of 76 counties and 48 counties (cities, districts), the development zone, farms and other special project, expected next year, 72 million mu of irrigated area added before the flood season, to improve the irrigation area of 147 mu. Key counties in upgrading existing small water projects, and small and medium-sized irrigation ditches Mojiquji Corollary irrigation canal system and water saving reform the main building of local conditions and efficient use of water-saving irrigation and rainwater harvesting project; special project mainly to solve the "Kabo Zi" and "last mile" problem. In addition, the Three Gorges Dam construction investment 500 million yuan.
It is reported that Jiangxi government will focus on the future of water conservancy infrastructure to support it. One positive for the central water investment, adhere to the principle of the burden of water classification, dividing powers, a clear responsibility, the establishment of provincial, municipal and county levels and stability of the financial investment mechanism to ensure the growth rate of water into spending a longer period than the year growth rates. Second, the integrated use of food for work, land, commercial grain production bases, new agricultural subsidies, agricultural development, poverty alleviation and other old buildings of special funds to co-ordinate arrangements for all kinds of water conservancy projects. Third, financing channels and actively explore the market, through the financial credit guarantees and through other effective means of financing post-disaster water conservancy construction investment. Fourth, in accordance with the "government planning, public office help, Yijiangdaibu, the first building after the meeting, farmers benefit" principle, increase the construction of small water conservancy facilities in rural areas Yijiangdaibu support, guide and encourage social capital and foreign investment shareholding, joint venture, cooperation, participation in a variety of ways such as water conservancy construction and management.