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370 million yuan control medium and small rivers in Jiangxi

370 million yuan control medium and small rivers in Jiangxi

Reporters from the provincial Department of Finance was informed that, to increase investment in flood-hit areas and accelerate key areas of small rivers flood control system, recently issued a 370 million yuan in Jiangxi small river management fund, of which 300 million yuan of funds central arrangement, provincial matching funds 70 million yuan.
Larger number of medium and small rivers in Jiangxi Province, widely distributed, most of the small embankments were built in the fifties and sixties of last century, many small banks of the river has been 'disastrous'.
Since the flood season this year, Jiangxi Province had long duration, intensity and wide range flood, medium and small rivers in many regions of severe flooding occurred, as at the end of August, the province has more than 31 acres of levee breaches, there is 4276 multiple levee, revetment, etc. 5178 danger, medium and small rivers, river flood control system has become the weak link.
The project drainage area of 200-3000 square kilometers of medium and small river management plan to protect densely populated county, towns and farmland of the river contiguous to focus on key governance, taking into account the river environment, reinforcement and construction of revetment embankment , embankment slope protection, river dredging and drainage project-based, will greatly enhance the reach of medium and small rivers flood control capacity of key safeguard regional security and food security, flood control,
It is understood that, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm around and speeding up key areas of the province's management of medium and small rivers, small river control projects in Jiangxi Province on the implementation of "performance management, combined with award compensation to award to promote governance" policy. This year in September, the United Provinces Provincial Department of Finance Department of Water Resources, included in the major regions of the small river near the construction management plan by the municipal water administration department and the 28 have not yet agreed to recommend the allocation of funds for medium and small river management projects, in accordance with the "open , fairness and impartiality "principle, adopt a" competitive project, open selection "approach, medium and small rivers to carry out management projects across the province open selection process to identify small river control projects each year the list of sorting.
According to reports, key central and provincial special fund for disaster heavier arrangements, governance, social and economic good, and after the matching funds are secure, the preparatory work complete, the project was a model. High on the enthusiasm of local governments, matching funds to ensure the full, preliminary work to prepare the full project, priority, assigned the central and provincial funds. Local governments are not active, matching funds can not be full, there is no practical and reliable measures of the project are non allocation of funds. A number of funding arrangements to ensure the completion of the project group, an income group.
Provincial finance departments at all levels to strengthen the financial and construction supervision and inspection of use of the funds, establish a sound regulatory system. Focus on the availability of funds and use, works progress, project quality supervision and inspection, etc., to ensure construction quality, safety and security and the use of funds investment. On the "Report Dajian small", false statement expenses, such as falsification of false performance evaluation of projects and areas, will take notice of criticism, as appropriate, arranging for funds and has allocated funds to pursue such measures to be addressed.