Raised the standard this fall, state grants funded 17 million poor college students in Jiangxi benefit

Recently, the reporter from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance was informed that from this fall semester, regular undergraduate institutions, vocational schools average subsidy standards for state grants from the original 2,000 yuan per year per student increased to 3,000 yuan per student per year, the province of about 170,000 poor college students will benefit.
It is understood primarily used to fund state grants to students from poor families the cost of living expenses for students from poor families can apply under the conditions of the basic state grants and other relevant provisions, submit to the school, "regular undergraduate institutions, vocational schools state grants application form "to apply.
State grants in three grades, the average subsidy standard was raised, three grades are: 4,000 yuan per year per student, 3,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan, all colleges and universities based on student grade distribution family economic situation. Apply for and obtain state grants for students, can apply for state scholarships or national motivational scholarships, you can also apply for national student loans.